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Intervention in Bergamo and Brescia Hospitals

Since the beginning of the epidemics, we have given the authorities all the help to manage the coronavirus outbreak, responding to the plea of Lombardy region.

In Bergamo

On 6th April, we received the first patients assigned to the EMERGENCY Intensive Care Unit at the Field Hospital in Bergamo, operated by the Papa Giovanni XXIII hospital.
The team, which is expected to increase in size, is made up of 10 doctors, 14 nurses, 4 physiotherapists, 4 socio-medical operators, 1 laboratory technician, and 1 radiologist.  

EMERGENCY helped to construct the facility alongside approximately 300 volunteers, including artisans from the city (carpenters, electricians, plasterers, plumbers and painters), 150 volunteers from Sanità Alpina, and 40 from the logistics department of the Ana Civil Protection.


We have proposed an effective reorganization of spaces and flows, to reduce the risks of contagion as much as possible. Every detail of the structure is essential to contain it: it is essential that each area is compartmentalized, that the dressing /undressing places are well defined, that the rules regarding movement of people are planned in advance. We are deploying our experiences learned in Sierra Leone during the Ebola epidemic. To do this, we called back some of our colleagues who worked abroad: we are trying to do our part in such a delicate moment for Italy.

Rossella Miccio, President of EMERGENCY

In Brescia

We are currently working with the Health Department at Brescia hospital to protect healthcare personnel and the hospital from contagion.

By offering the experience we gained in Sierra Leone during the Ebola epidemic, our team of medical and logistic staff has set up a plan to reduce risks of contagion for medical and non- medical staff as much as possible

Stories from the field

International Day of Peace 2020

We must unite to defeat all these crises, in the name of a better world for all based in the principle of equality.

World Safety Patient Day 2020

There can be no safe treatment without a safe healthcare environment, and there can be no safe patient without a safe healthcare worker.

EMERGENCY Magazine: COVID-19 Response

Read our digital magazine for a closer look at our work during these difficult times, told to you by our teams fighting against coronavirus every day.

Work at the COVID-19 Hospital in Bergamo Comes to an End.

We’re hard at work with our staff, providing constant training to prevent contagion and offer psychological help and general support to the weakest people in society.

Eid Mubarak to All Muslims Around the World.

With these vital values in mind, we wish #EidMubarak to all Muslims around the world.

We are Working to Ensure that No Life is Worth Less than Another.

the staff who wear these T-shirts are not just doing a job, they are working to ensure that no life is worth less than another

“These are the Moments, or Rather the Gifts…”

and I say to myself that these are the moments, or rather the gifts, that give meaning to everything that each of us does with, and thanks to, EMERGENCY.”

International Nurses Day 2020

The current circumstances mean that nurses are under even more pressure than normal. We want to thank them for their work, and send them all our strength and encouragement.

Mother’s Day 2020

As we have done every single day since 1994, EMERGENCY stands alongside every mother.

EMERGENCY to Take Part in CTSNet Live from Africa: Perspectives on COVID-19 From Sub-Saharan Cardiac Centers

This coming Friday, 8 May, CTSNet is streaming a free webinar which will host representatives from the cardiac surgery sector across Africa.

International Day of the Midwife 2020

Thank you to them and all midwives around the world for everything you do.

International Workers’ Day: “We stay Here For You. Please Stay Home For Us”.

This special moment arrives just in time to celebrate International Workers’ Day.

When Words Can’t Help us, Actions Do

Masks, bulky lab coats, glasses – none of these will prevent us from communicating.

Ramadan Kareem to All Muslims Around the World

On this special day, the beginning of Ramadan, our president Rossella has a message to all Muslims around the world. We join her and say: Ramadan Kareem!   May the spirit of fraternity and commitment encouraged by the holy month…

EMERGENCY is Providing its Protocols For Managing the COVID-19 Epidemic

We need to turn this global emergency into a global opportunity for collaboration. Therefore, please download our protocols.

We Want to Introduce You to One of Our COVID-19 Projects in Milan

We want to protect vulnerable people. To do so, it is essential to safeguard the facilities and environments where they find refuge and help.

A Surprise Today at the Bergamo Field Hospital.

We received a surprise today at the Bergamo Field Hospital.

WISH 2020 Edition: Flattening the Curve: Global Responses to COVID-19

Much of the discussion focused on how to collaborate across borders and societies to form a truly global response to this pandemic.


Starting today, we will be at the frontline, committed to treat anyone in need”.

BERGAMO: “We Are Fully Prepared.”

We have a role to play. Doing our part to support this city, these people, this healthcare system, this country.

“We didn’t stop, not even for one day.”

Through sharing expertise, we can overcome this crisis and continue our medical support.

Dr Gina Portella interviewed by The Independent

Our medical personnel is living through a war-like situation

Afghanistan: This Work Will Continue

This work will continue.

International Mine Awareness Day

we can combat the spread of coronavirus at the same time as providing the highest quality trauma care. 

Bergamo Field Hospital: EMERGENCY is Doing Its Bit to Combat the COVID-19

EMERGENCY is doing its bit to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bergamo: We Are Working Around the Clock.

We aren’t just working hard, we are working with a huge collective spirit.

Bergamo: Rossella Miccio, EMERGENCY President, from the field hospital under construction.

Once ready, our doctors, nurses, and logisticians will treat and support those in need

Our President Rossella Miccio on COVID19 at TRTWORLD

What we need to do is to respect rules, do our part and look at society as a whole.” our President Rossella Miccio, today at RTR World.

CORONAVIRUS: EMERGENCY Works On a New Hospital at Fiera Di Bergamo

EMERGENCY’s team of approximately 20 people will consist of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, and logisticians, who will run the intensive and sub-intensive care wards.

Solidarity Includes a Sense of Responsibility Towards Everyone Else

“Everybody needs this mindset – that I have to protect others from myself because I might be contagious.” Rossella Miccio.

EMERGENCY Supports Migrants and Homeless During COVID-19 Outbreak

Homeless people, migrants living in shelters, seasonal workers living in shacks. At the moment we are doing our best to help the many people at risk from two things – being ill and being abandoned,” says Rossella Miccio, President of EMERGENCY.

COVID-19: Today We Need Another Collective, Humanitarian Effort.

As always, thank you for whatever you can do.

COVID-19: Our Part For The Sikh Community In The Latina Area Of Italy

To contain the outbreak, we must intercept as many people as possible, especially those who live on the margins of society. “

Medicine Can’t stop. Neither Can Solidarity with One Another in These Difficult Times.

Medicine can’t stop. Neither can solidarity with one another in these difficult times.

CORONAVIRUS — EMERGENCY Responds To The Plea Of Lombardy Region

Information is crucial for people like them, who often lack access to basic information provided by the Ministry of Health on how to prevent contagion.

Programme Data

Location: Bergamo, Italy

Start of clinical activities: 6th April 2020

Activities: Intensive Care Unit at the Field Hospital in Bergamo, operated by the Papa Giovanni XXIII hospital.

Facilities: Field Hospital in Bergamo, Italy.

Staff Members: 10 doctors, 14 nurses, 4 physiotherapists, 4 socio-medical operators, 1 laboratory technician, and 1 radiologist.   





(Data correct as of April 2020)


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