Since the Start of the Project, We Have Supported Over 5,000 Households in Italy.

Our project “Nessuno Escluso”, created to help the ‘new poor’ in Italy caused by the pandemic, has turned one year old.

In Milan, Rome, Naples, Piacenza, Catanzaro, Varese and Catania we continue to pack and distribute parcels, working with local organisations to help those in need every week.

Over this year, we have come to know the courage of those who have become vulnerable but never lost their dignity. We saw the fragile beauty in the humanity of those who were not used to asking for help but had no other choice: large families, elderly people living alone, young people in precarious jobs, workers in sectors severely affected by the crisis and left with little, in some cases nothing.



Since the start of the project, we have supported over 5,000 households in Italy, totalling some 20,000 people. More than 1,100 volunteers in the area have distributed 130,000 food parcels and hygiene items.

In every box sent and opened, every family found not only food and basic necessities, but perhaps a little more hope, trust and solidarity.

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