How Can Strengthened Healthcare for Migrants Foster Health for All?

27 May, 10:00 – 12:00 CET

Individual health can be guaranteed if collective health is safeguarded.
Just, inclusive and sustainable public health policies can benefit the community as a whole.

On 27 May, the M8 Alliance will launch a webinar as part of its Expert Meeting series: “How can strengthened healthcare for migrants foster Health for All?”.

Under the leadership of the Sapienza University of Rome, and in cooperation with EMERGENCY, the M8 Alliance will explore how fostering access to healthcare to migrants and the most vulnerable in society turns into a chance for welfare actors, from local authorities to the civil society, to be pioneering and provide innovative and culturally sensitive solutions to leave no one behind and, therefore, to guarantee ‘Health for All’.

Amongst the remarkable speakers, our president Rossella Miccio will join the discussion and share EMERGENCY’s experience providing healthcare support to some of the most marginalised communities in Italy, including migrants and refugees.

Building on the multiple approaches shared, the webinar will aim to identify existing discrepancies in healthcare delivery with specific attention to the migrant population, and start from there, under unprecedented circumstances, to focus on the global community as a whole.

If you’re interested, please register to attend the free webinar

This webinar is part of the M8 Alliance Webinar Series on Migrant and Refugee Health, organised by the M8 Alliance under the leadership of Prof. Luciano Saso.

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