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Report: Covid-19 Response in Africa and the COVAX Mechanism

COVID-19 RESPONSE IN AFRICA AND THE COVAX MECHANISM VOICES FROM THE FIELD: SIERRA LEONE, SUDAN, UGANDA The response to the Covid-19 pandemic in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs) was largely insufficient due to global vaccine inequality and systemic issues within healthcare structures. EMERGENCY’s latest report, produced together with Bocconi University’s CERGAS and DONDENA research centres,…

EMERGENCY’s Search And Rescue Ship Life Support Has Disembarked The 29 People Rescued In International Waters.


Life Support Search and Rescue Updates

5 June 2023 29 People Rescued by Life Support Disembark in Marina di Carrara The 29 people rescued over the weekend by Life Support disembarked this morning at the assigned Place of Safety, the port of Marina di Carrara. “The Italian government assigned us a port 662 miles and about 70 hours of navigation away from…

Bibi Came to Anabah for her 7th Pregnancy

At 40 years old, Bibi Hajar’s 7th pregnancy was not an easy one. She lives in Parian with her family, where she tends to their two cows and her husband earns his living by carrying stones. With the ongoing economic crisis in Afghanistan, they have little money and even less to eat. Bibi did not…

ACTIVITY REPORT 1994 – 2022: Cogs In The Wheel Of Peace

COGS IN THE WHEEL OF PEACE Introduction by Rossella Miccio, President of EMERGENCY, in the 2022 Report Frontiers – physical and moral. Like the ones invaded, criminally, by Russia on 24 February 2022, or the ones constructed to keep migrants away. In 2022 we watched as Europe slid further into violence and division. In the…

EMERGENCY’s Life Support: No Sign Of Boat In Distress With 500 On Board

One hypothesis could be that the engine has started working again and the boat is sailing towards Sicily, but we have no evidence of this. 

“My family…are my biggest motivation for recovery.”

Ab Zahir was bringing groceries home on his motorcycle when he was hit by a car and immediately lost consciousness. A traffic policeman brought him to our Lashkar-Gah Surgical Centre. Originally set up for war victims, the needs of Helmand Province have changed as fighting has subsided in the region. Nevertheless, the specialist surgical care…

The Need for Diabetic Care in Afghanistan: Moqadas’s Story

On 30 March, EMERGENCY and CRIMEDIM released the report Access to Care in Afghanistan. While certain conditions like geographic mobility have improved in the country as fighting has subsided, many barriers remain to accessing care – especially for children like 12-year-old Moqadas, who has Type 1 Diabetes. Last year, Moqadas was admitted to our Anabah…

Updates From Sudan as Fighting Erupts Across the Country

Armed clashes between the Sudanese army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) began this morning on the streets of the capital Khartoum.

Gino Would Have Been 75 Today

Our founder Gino always worked to ease the suffering of others.

EMERGENCY’s Search And Rescue Ship Life Support Disembarks 55 People Rescued In The Central Mediterranean At Marina Di Carrara.

EMERGENCY’s Life Support concludes its fifth mission today. At sea since December 2022, it has rescued 619 people. 

Meet Rozhgar And Zhino, Whose Dedication Helps Us Provide High-Quality Care In Sulaymaniyah, Iraq.

In 2022, the Orthopaedic Technicians at EMERGENCY’s Sulaymaniyah Rehabilitation Centre delivered 583 new prostheses.  Colleagues like Rozhgar and Zhino make this possible.  After graduating from Soran Prosthetics Institute, Rozhgar began her career as an ICU nurse. But, she says, “I was always seeking a way to help disabled people.” She joined EMERGENCY as an Orthopaedic…

Little Rabiullah is Eating Again!

Rabiullah lives with his parents and four siblings in the Panjshir Valley, where the cold winter weather and rising prices are making life more and more difficult. When Rabiullah was just 15 months old, he had severe respiratory distress and low levels of oxygen in his blood. When he was admitted to EMERGENCY’s Anabah Surgical…

Mine Awareness Day 2023

The children were playing in the garden when the IED exploded. They had found an old metal device that they said looked like a big bullet, and threw it away. 13-year-old Mohammad and his sister, 4-year-old Shamsia, were the closest. They come from a poor family in a remote village in Sangin district, Afghanistan. They…

Testimonies from Rescued People Onboard Life Support

EMERGENCY’s search and rescue ship Life Support began conducting missions in December 2022. Once the rescued people are onboard Life Support, we not only provide medical assistance but also bear witness to their stories. Below are just five of the stories we heard from the 161 people we rescued on 25 March 2023. Many spoke…

Access to Care in Afghanistan: Perspectives from Afghan People in 10 Provinces

Afghan people are facing major socio-economic barriers to care, as well as a healthcare system affected by chronic challenges and underinvestment. EMERGENCY and CRIMEDIM, a research centre from the Università del Piemonte Orientale, have released a new report that explores access to care across 10 Afghan Provinces based on data and testimony from over 1,800…

Ensuring High-Quality Paediatric Care In Refugee And IDP Camps In South Darfur

staff at our Paediatric Centre in Nyala are working on this as part of the project Objective of Good Health in Sudan: Strengthening Human Capital and Quality Paediatric Health Services in South Darfur.


EMERGENCY completed the disembarkation of 161 people rescued between the night and morning of 25 March by the ship Life Support in three different rescue operations.

Kabul: Explosion Near The Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

On Monday 27 March, an explosion took place near the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kabul.

International Women’s Day 2023

On International Women’s Day, we want to share a story about two colleagues from our Anabah Maternity Centre who share a name and a purpose: to help the women of Afghanistan. Najila has been Midwife at the hospital for 5 years. At just 25 years old, she is already one of our shift leaders, acting…

105 People Rescued Overnight By Life Support

Late last night, EMERGENCY’s search and rescue ship Life Support received a report of a boat in distress in international waters off Libya.

EMERGENCY Is Helping Sangar Return To School

His prostheses have allowed Sangar to take back his future.

When He Left Nigeria, K. Was 14 Years Old.

“For two years I travelled alone, knowing that there was no one there to help me and that I was the only one who would take care of me. Many times I thought about my parents, who remained in Nigeria.” When he left Nigeria, K. was 14 years old. He was chosen by his family…

Koko Jamal is No Longer With Us

Koko Jamal is no longer with us. He was one of the longstanding figures in our Kabul Surgical Centre, working with us since 2002. As Driver Supervisor, he trained our teams of drivers for years, teaching them how to move around one of the most dangerous cities in the world, while ensuring the maximum safety…

Nabiullah Acts Older than His Years

In late November, a group of eight children between the ages of 2 and 10 arrived at our Kabul Surgical Centre. Nabiullah was among them, suffering from multiple shell injuries to his legs, feet, abdomen, and left hand. Nabiullah’s family is from Sorabi, near Kabul. He is just 7 years old, but acts older. He…

Sulaymaniyah Rehabilitation Centre Celebrates its 25th Anniversary

Avan also started working at the Centre as a Receptionist.

Meet Our Amazing Colleagues at the Salam Centre

At our Salam Centre for Cardiac Surgery in Khartoum, Sudan, the hard work of hundreds of colleagues makes our daily, life-saving care possible. Patients from 32 countries, from Burundi to Zimbabwe, have been treated here. We recently spoke with some of our colleagues about the facility and what they have achieved. COUNTRY DIRECTOR Muhameda Tulumovic…

‘ANME: Moving Forward’ Conference Concludes in Khartoum

On 1st and 2nd February, EMERGENCY and the Sudanese Federal Ministry of Health hosted the ‘ANME: Moving Forward’ conference in Khartoum.

Director-General of WHO Supports EMERGENCY’s Work in Africa

We were honoured to receive the support of Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the Director-General of the World Health Organization.

“EMERGENCY is the house of hope and happiness”.

At just 2 years old, Sargul contracted polio.

EMERGENCY’s Paediatric Centre in Mayo – Providing Crucial Healthcare For The Local Population.

Among the Centre’s patients: Safu and her girls 

EMERGENCY and the Carter Center Collaborate in Mayo

On Wednesday 18 January, a delegation from the Carter Center visited our Paediatric Centre in Mayo, on the outskirts of Khartoum.

That Spirited Look Belongs To Hawa.

Hawa is 10 years old. Her story is very similar to the many we’ve become part of in Sudan and beyond.

Every Day, As Early As Dawn, A Long Queue Of Parents And Their Children Forms In Front Of The Mayo Paediatric Centre.

Of all the children that visit, most have gastrointestinal or respiratory diseases, infections involving the eyes, ears and skin, intestinal parasites or malaria.

Kabul, First Mass Casualty Of 2023

On Wednesday 11 January at 4pm, there was an explosion near the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kabul.

Afghanistan: Over 40 Patients Received At EMERGENCY’s Surgical Centre in Kabul

More than 40 injured people were received at EMERGENCY’s Surgical Centre for War Victims in Kabul.

EMERGENCY And Ogilvy Italy Turn Gino Strada’s Words Into Reality With AI. For A 2023 In The Name Of Peace. 

The video has been released in Italy and worldwide through EMERGENCY’s social media channels, with the wish that this peace project will truly become a reality in 2023.

Training Local Colleagues in Port Sudan: Fatima, Mutasim and Bahaeldeen.

One of the main goals of each of our projects is continually training local colleagues, to transfer skills and create a positive impact on the country’s healthcare system over time.  

We Can Make Peace Come True.

Gino Strada, our founder, used to say “to create a world without war, we have to imagine it first”

Meet Nigar: One of the BBC’s 100 Women of 2022

When I found out about the award, I thought, ‘this award is not for Nigar, it is for all the staff here.’

Our 2022.

Thank you for standing with EMERGENCY in our efforts to bring more healing to the world. We are looking forward to seeing what more we can accomplish together in 2023.

EMERGENCY NGO Statement: Women’s Education in Afghanistan

On 20 December 2022, Afghanistan’s Ministry of Higher Education announced a ban on women attending university with immediate effect until further notice.

Livorno: Disembarkation Of 142 Rescued People Onboard EMERGENCY’s Ship Life Support Concluded

EMERGENCY lands in Livorno after two nightime operations in 24 hours: 142 people rescued.

EMERGENCY’s Life Support Vessel Completes First Rescue In Central Mediterranean. 70 People Rescued.

“All operations were carried out with promptly by the rescue team,” says Carlo Maisano, EMERGENCY’s SAR Project Coordinator.

Life Support Launches First Search and Rescue Mission.

“EMERGENCY is going to the sea to save lives and protect human rights”.

EMERGENCY’s Paediatric Centre In Port Sudan: The Only Hospital In One Of The Poorest Areas Of The City.

At our Paediatric Centre in Port Sudan, the only hospital located in one of the poorest areas of the city, we offer free and high-quality care to children up to the age of 14. 

We Are Here For Jabar As He Rebuilds His Life.

So many patients have travelled up and down these steps over the years, becoming familiar with their prostheses.  Jabar is one of them. 

Primary Health Services For More Than 6 Million People

23 years ago, EMERGENCY opened a First Aid Post in Afghanistan.

International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2022

Today and every day, EMERGENCY reaffirms its support for persons with disabilities by providing free, high-quality healthcare. #IDPwD

Faris’ Words Encapsulate The Extraordinary Work That Has Taken Place At The Rehabilitation Centre Since 1998.

“I have witnessed thousands of people return back to their daily life and community through EMERGENCY’s services.”

“Mohammed, Shall We Go Out in the Garden?”

We took this photo of him, on a beautiful, sunny day.

Regional Programme for Cardiac Surgery in Africa: EMERGENCY’s Screening Mission in Mogadishu

EMERGENCY recently conducted its first cardiac screening mission in Somalia.

Meet Burhan and Shady: Two of Our Amazing Physios in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq

Being there for patients for as long as needed is crucial to the rehabilitation journey.

“I Could Finally Get Back to Living My Life”

Othman’s powerful story of rehabilitation and recovery.

Kabul: Amongst the Survivors of the 30 September Attack on an Education Centre

They are a young generation of Afghans who have never seen anything but war, but have dreams for their future.

“The New Generations Have The Right To Their Future”

Despite the violence, Rahman is convinced: he does not want to leave his country.

Thank You For Once Again Showing Trust in Our Work.

You are the people that support us to go on providing lifesaving care.

EBOLA IN UGANDA: Our Measures to Protect EMERGENCY’s Facility, Staff, and Patients from Ebola.

On 20 September, the Ugandan authorities announced an outbreak of Ebola in Mubende district.

A View From Our Hospitals in Afghanistan.

We look after so many patients in Afghanistan: behind every wound lies the story of a country torn apart by years, decades of war.

Afghanistan: Attack in a Mosque at the Interior Ministry

It was a suicide attack. We have received 20 wounded people so far, all adult males, of whom 16 were admitted, 2 were dead on arrival and 2 were treated as outpatients. 

Nine Years On – Tragedy Continues

We take a different stance, grounded in solidarity, rights and humanity.

“It’s My Duty As a Doctor to Ensure It.”

Enok has worked with us since 2019, when we began contributing to work at the hospital’s newly opened cardiology clinics.

KABUL: Explosion in Dasht-e-Barchi.

A total of 22 patients, including 20 women, have been received at EMERGENCY’s Surgical Centre for War Victims in Kabul following the suicide attack that took place this morning, 30 September.

World Heart Day 2022

On #WorldHeartDay, we share the latest on EMERGENCY’s approach to Rheumatic Heart Disease (RHD). A sustainable model, showing that it is possible and right to provide free, quality surgery and care to everyone in need.

“Together, We’re Doing a Great Job for Humanity.”

Shadman is part of the incredible team here which is dedicated to restoring lives that have been disrupted by the fallout of war. 

International Day of Peace 2022

Protecting people’s health and dignity contributes to building peace.

‘Where Is Our Father?’

“I was following my father when, suddenly, he stepped on a mine.” 

“This Is an All Too Common Occurrence”.

“Dead on arrival. 11:56am.

Mohammad’s Story Shows the Legacy of War in Afghanistan. 

One of those objects, however, was an unexploded mine.



We Continue to Be There for the Afghan People.

The spotlight may have moved away from Afghanistan.
But EMERGENCY hasn’t.

We Are Not Abandoning Afghanistan. 

A year ago, the eyes of the world were on Afghanistan.

To Gino Strada, in Loving Memory.

It has been one year since we lost Dr Gino Strada, the founder of EMERGENCY, the war surgeon, the peace activist, the man. 

Today, 13 August, Marks One Year Since Gino Left Us.

Although we are lonelier, all we can do today is go on.

Wave of Protests in Sierra Leone: 14 Injured People Received, An EMERGENCY Vehicle Caught Up in the Violence

“We are working to treat patients, expand the number of beds and stock up on food and water to cope with this crisis.”

When You Are Providing Primary Healthcare, Your Approach Is Essential

In this video, our colleague Andrea tells us about the evolution of our intervention in Moldova.

Our Work Here is Crucial.

The Sulaymaniyah Rehabilitation Centre has been restoring people’s autonomy for 24 years. There is lots more to do.

Earthquake in Afghanistan: EMERGENCY Took Part in The Medical Response To The Disaster

We are ready to support in these difficult times.

“I Chose to Join EMERGENCY for Constant, Daily Training”

“My work is valuable. You have to be in love with it and be patient and careful. When you love what you do, everything is possible.”   

“The Lye Programme Saved My Life”

For a full year after her accident, Aisha had to be fed by her mother from a bottle.

Sierra Leone: Swallowing Lye Is Still One Of The Main Causes Of Admission Of Child Patients At Our Surgical Centre In Goderich.

The Lye Programme now under way at our centre has the twofold aim of treating the chemical’s victims and raising public awareness of the problem.

Sierra Leone: Alie, two-years-old, has already fallen victim to lye.

Alie’s family did not know what to do about his accident. To ease his pain, they gave him palm oil to drink.

We Maintain Our Focus

Afghanistan has been trampled on by war and its recent abandonment by the international community.

We Will Continue to Take Care of Him.

He still struggles to walk: we will now wait for him at the hospital for physiotherapy sessions.

Cornwall Resident Begins Epic 520-Mile Pyrenees Hike for EMERGENCY

Everyone at EMERGENCY UK is cheering on the wonderful Nic Beretta, who has started a two-month, 47 stage, 40,000 metre elevation, 520 mile/840km-long hike through the Pyrenees to raise money for EMERGENCY.  Nic is tackling the menacing GR11 trail, one of the longest hiking routes in Europe, in aid of EMERGENCY, Amnesty International and the…

A Story That Is All Too Familiar in Afghanistan

J. arrived at our hospital in Kabul around two months ago, together with his two little cousins. All three were injured when a landmine exploded. They were playing when they found a small object. It looked like it was made of steel. It exploded when J. tried to open it. The three cousins were all…

ISHKAR Launch Photography Print Sale for Afghanistan

Our amazing friends at ISHKAR have launched a stunning photography print sale for the third year in a row, with all proceeds going towards EMERGENCY’s projects in Afghanistan. 19 internationally-renowned photographers have donated their work, including Steve McCurry, Zahra Khodadadi, Lorenzo Tugnoli, Farshad Usyan, Andrew Quilty, Elise Blanchard, Matthieu Paley, Michael Christopher Brown, and many…

EMERGENCY Providing Medical Response After Earthquake in Afghanistan

We have sent staff and 7 ambulances to support relief efforts & transport the injured to our First Aid Posts. We have also made beds available in the Kabul Surgical Centre.

From Khartoum To Entebbe: Asma’s Story

“My colleagues not only gave me this opportunity: they always inspired me.”

Building Medical Excellence in Africa Also Means Investing in People, Who Will Put Their Skills at the Disposal of Their Patients.

They are doctors and nurses coming from the Uganda Heart Institute in Kampala.

“If We Can Share Resources, We Can Generate Beauty.” 

Our local colleagues work independently and efficiently, forming the core of medical and managerial activities.

Misha Found Many ‘Aunties’ – As He Calls Them.

Last March, Tetyana and her son Misha arrived in Moldova after leaving Odessa in Ukraine.

The Pride And Determination Of Every Parent

Clever and his father arrived at our hospital in Entebbe last November after a 10-hour bus ride from Fort Portal on the border of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

How to Guarantee Humanitarian Aid to the Afghan People After August 2021?

A Humanitarian Health Organisation’s Perspective.

It Seems Like The Most Important Thing In His Life.

Micola is sitting outside the Mobile Clinic waiting to be triaged.

“My dream? To Have Hospitals Like This All Over the Country.”  

“Elizabeth is a very determined person,” says Giacomo Menaldo, Country Director. “She understands the importance of this hospital. She could have earned much more money elsewhere, but working alongside our doctors is exactly what spurs her on.” This is how Giacomo, our Country Director in Uganda, introduces Elizabeth, a Ugandan colleague at the Children’s Surgical…

The Children’s House

One year ago, EMERGENCY opened the state-of-the-art Children’s Surgical Hospital in Entebbe, Uganda, which puts the human right to healthcare into practice every day. It is above all a place that provides hope to its young patients and their families. Combining medical, architectural and environmental excellence, the hospital is home to over 380 local and…

Joint Declaration Signed by 12 African Health Authority Delegations

Following a roundtable discussion, a Joint Declaration was signed, laying out the commitments that will guide the next steps for the African Network of Medical Excellence.

One Year of Activities at the Children’s Surgical Hospital in Entebbe

Our first year in numbers.

International Nurses Day 2022

Today, we celebrate all the incredible nurses around the world.

“Several Come Back, Even If Only to Say Thank You and That They Feel Better.”

“They often show us photos of their children, their home, their pets… thus starting the process of reconstructing the temporal continuity interrupted by the war, tying together that ‘before’ and ‘after’.” 

International Day of the Midwife 2022

To all the midwives who have worked here, and the team at the hospital today, thank you.

N. Only Draws Moving Cars and A House to Leave From.

A. thanks us because she has found a “safe place” where she can cry and vent her anguish without fear of falling apart.

Afghanistan’s Health System Is in Critical Condition. We Are Here to Support It.

Shekiba tells us the blunt reality of conditions in Afghanistan.

Two Explosions Rocked Kabul This Morning

This is yet another demonstration that, although attention to the situation in Afghanistan has waned, the country is not at peace.

‘Peace’ Is the Only Word They Tell Me in English

They want to return to Mykolaïv to hug their son and grandson.

“We Are Committed to This Project.”

EMERGENCY is supporting the social and medical needs of the victims of this war.

“Best Performing Medical Emergency Response Team”

An award for supporting the country at the most difficult times.

We Will Be Here As Long As We Need to Be.

As this crisis evolves, we are working with the Moldovan authorities to further strengthen our presence and services.

Eleonora, EMERGENCY’s Medical Coordinator in Kabul, on Sunday’s Explosion

EMERGENCY’s Surgical Centre received a large influx of patients.

Mine Awareness Day 2022

We treat the atrocious consequences of this explosive violence.

EMERGENCY Hosted A Ceremony Welcoming The New Group Of Medical Students For This Academic Year.

We believe the future is theirs. Even more so, we believe they are the future.

UKRAINE CRISIS: The EU and Member States Must Now Work Together to Put Commitments into Practice

the European Union can come together to uphold its values of respect for human rights and protecting those fleeing persecution, war and violence.

“To Build A Society Without That Terrible Disease, Which Is War.”

Emanuele Nannini, EMERGENCY’s Country Director in Afghanistan, joined a roundtable last Tuesday, where he shared how hospitals perceive the current status of humanitarian aid in the country. “Healthcare is always one of the most affected areas, just as it is now. Access to it is still a privilege. Our hospitals are free of charge but…

We Are Here To Stay.

In this video, we bring you there, to the Afghanistan heartland that we know well.

EMERGENCY’s Politruck in Moldova to Support the Victims of Ukraine’s Conflict

Thanks to the Mobile Outpatient Clinic, we will be able to operate in different places, and to promptly respond to the needs the unpredictable situation may arise.

An EMERGENCY Team Is On Ukraine’s Borders With Romania And Moldova To Assess Humanitarian Needs And Evaluate Potential Projects To Provide Care To Those Affected By The Conflict.

“We are assessing all possibilities for EMERGENCY’s intervention both inside and on the borders of Ukraine”.

International Women’s Day 2022 

Women’s rights are human rights.

Rossella Miccio, president of EMERGENCY, at the 49th Session of the Human Rights Council.

Urgent and coordinated action is needed now to rebuild Afghanistan.

Covid-19 Death Toll Four Times Higher in Lower-Income Countries than Rich Ones

3 million people died since the Omicron variant emerged, shattering perceptions that the pandemic is over.

Providing Vital Care for the Afghan People.

“Everyone knows the situation here. The needs increase day by day.”

EMERGENCY Will Always Believe in and Strive For a World Free From War.

Our thoughts are with all the civilians in the path of this violence.

Today, He Is an Enterprising Father and, Above All, a Happy Man.

Rizgar was just 21 years old when unexploded ordnance changed his life forever.

A Family’s Story, Which We Have Just Become Part of.

Elijah was born with a small mass on his left arm.

EU Set to Bin 25 Million More Vaccine Doses than It Has Donated to Africa This Year

Europe has betrayed Africa by blocking proposals which would allow manufacturers on the continent to make their own COVID-19 vaccines.

We Are Here for Jalal. We Are Here for All Afghans.

“The hospital has never closed its operating theatres.

I Started to Believe in All My Possibilities.

I was born with several congenital deformities, which affected my left leg and both hands.

One Year Ago, the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) Came into Force.

By prohibiting development, testing, deployment, possession, stockpiling, use and threat of use, the TPNW aims at total nuclear disarmament.

100 Seconds Remain Until Midnight.

The hands of the Doomsday Clock occupy exactly the same position as they did a year ago, but it is not good news.

Do You Remember Mamadou from Guinea?

We received a very special photo from Guinea!

Songs of Hope: A Benefit Concert for Afghanistan

An unforgettable night of traditional Afghan music.

A Network of More than 40 Facilities

In 21 years, our clinics have provided over 5 million outpatient visits and more than 120,000 ambulance transfers.

With the Help of EMERGENCY I Managed to Find My Way

At ‘Best Shoes’, Ako ensures a dignified life for him and his family. Ako has been living with a severe disability since he was 11: he lost his left hand, part of his right hand, and one eye completely due to a landmine. “I was a child. I was returning to my village, Gawrade, together…

“We had a Long History of Treating War Wounded.”

Year 23 of EMERGENCY’s commitment to Afghanistan begins.

We Will Make The Right to Treatment a Real, Universal One – and a Precondition of Peace.

We want to go on providing a practical response to the needs of the most vulnerable among us, and we will.

Our Paediatric Centre in Port Sudan Celebrated 10 Years of Activity.

“For this special birthday, I express a single wish: to continue to be there, to be able to treat more and more children.”

EMERGENCY and Ogilvy Ask Us To Reflect on the Consequences of War Through the Eyes of Those Who Experienced It.

Just like every year, EMERGENCY and Ogilvy are back with a wish for the year ahead.

May It Be a year of Peace, Not War.

This is the story of a mother and her tough decision.

Peaceful Greetings from Everyone at EMERGENCY.

We wish all those celebrating a very happy festive season.

Let’s Channel the Holiday Spirit into One of Solidarity

Everything has changed in Afghanistan.

A Vital Delivery in Afghanistan.

Caring means not forgetting those in need.

International Migrants Day 2021

Continued division and the fortification of borders will never be the answer.

“They Trust Me.”

For many women here, Florence is like a mother, a sister, an aunt.

International Day of People With Disabilities 2021

Today, we pay tribute to everyone at the Sulaymaniyah Rehabilitation Centre and all those living with disabilities.

Apparently Inaccessible Places Must Have Access to Healthcare for Everyone in Need.

A few days ago we inaugurated a new facility in Dayek,

World AIDS Day 2021: We Cannot Allow It to Happen Again With COVID-19.

There are striking parallels between COVID-19 and another deadly pandemic: HIV.

“The situation in Afghanistan is Uncertain and Precarious.”

There seems to be no possibility for peace or respite for the people of this country.”

We Are Here to Help During This Difficult Time For the Country

On 5 November, a fuel tanker exploded in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone. 

International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women 2021

“It took us three hours to find her. She was unrecognisable.”

More Than 12,000 Children Have Been Seen in the One Year Since Our Paediatric Centre in Nyala Reopened.

“The humanitarian situation in South Darfur is very difficult. A large part of the population lives in extreme poverty without access to basic health services. The high rate of malnutrition makes the needs of the youngest children increasingly urgent.”

An Enormous Thank You to ISHKAR.

Earlier this year, our amazing friends at ISHKAR started a photography print fundraiser for EMERGENCY’s healthcare projects across Afghanistan.

#LittleAmal’s Journey is Coming to an End, But Her Story Won’t.

The thread of solidarity, inclusion and diversity she created throughout Europe must stay intact.

“I Have Witnessed Fighting- That is All.”

Elise Blanchard, journalist and photographer for Agence France-Presse (AFP), has collected children’s stories from across Afghanistan.

A Meeting at Our Mobile Clinic that Made Us Extremely Happy.

This is the photo we took with him: standing with a new prosthesis, his hand over his heart.

Kabul: Explosions Followed by Gunfire at the Entrance to the Military Hospital

We received 21 patients, one of whom was dead on arrival

Gino Strada’s Words in Afghanistan20 Bring Home the Enormous Costs of the Conflict in Afghanistan

In October 2001, another twenty-year chapter of the war in Afghanistan began.

G20 Flash Mob Unleashed by Activists from Oxfam, EMERGENCY and Amnesty International, Members of the People’s Vaccine Alliance.

This was an appeal to world leaders to suspend monopolies on Covid vaccines and allow them to be produced in low-income countries, where just 1.8% of the population are currently vaccinated. Italy has made its stance clear and is taking courageous and genuinely effective action to get universal access to vaccines.

There was a Doll With Blonde Hair and a Yellow Dress Above Her Bed.

There was a doll with blonde hair and a yellow dress above the bed, looking at her owner – Amina.

We Stand With the Sudanese People

Sudan is going through a moment of instability.

Still Helping with Cardiac Treatment at Orotta Hospital in Asmara, Eritrea.

In early July 2021 began the second phase of our ‘Emergency initiative in support of the cardiology clinic at Orotta Hospital in Eritrea’. Located in the capital of Asmara, this is the country’s main public hospital.

Pharmaceutical Companies And Rich Nations Delivering Just One in Seven of The Doses Promised For Developing Countries

Firms and rich nations continue to block moves to share vaccine technology and recipes

AFGHANISTAN20: Afghanistan Between 2001-2021 from the Perspective of Its Victims and Those Treating Them.

EMERGENCY, the international organisation that has provided free, high-quality healthcare to over 11 million people around the world, has released a new project entitled Afghanistan20.

He Was Hit in the Head by Shrapnel

Maidan Shahr is a town around 50km from Kabul, on the main road from the capital to Kandahar.

“It Was a Beautiful Moment of Condolence and Friendship.”

Luca Rolla, EMERGENCY’s Country Director in Sudan, has sent us good news from Khartoum!

No More War

20 years on, EMERGENCY’s hospitals across the country have treated thousands of war victims. 

They Threw a Rock at It, for Fun.

Nadir, 12, and his cousin Hassan, 10, were walking back to their house when a small metal object caught their attention.

World Heart Day: Senait from Eritrea

Senait is a 37-year-old woman and mother of three. She has a heart condition that she has never been able to have treated. As a result, she becomes weak very easily.

Every Refugee’s Walk Should Be One of Hope Like Amal’s

Whilst on her 8,000-mile-journey, searching for her mother and a better future, Amal found EMERGENCY in Rome, Bologna, and Milan.

Finally, She’s Nearly Here!

Finally, she’s nearly here! We are looking forward to welcoming a very special guest to our headquarters on Saturday…

Pharmaceutical Companies Reaping Immoral Profits From Covid Vaccines Yet Paying Low Tax Rates

Moderna, BioNTech and Pfizer cashing in thanks to taxpayer investments, monopolies, and low taxes while leaving millions unprotected.

“Hi Soran, It’s Dr Gino. How Are you?”

One month ago, on 13 August, Gino left us. Today we remember him through the words of Soran, whom Gino met in 1996.

Afghanistan: Taliban Reach Anabah, Panjshir Valley

During the night of Friday 3 September, Taliban forces pushed further into the Panjshir Valley, reaching the village of Anabah where EMERGENCY’s Surgical Centre and Maternity Centre are located.

Our Work in Anabah Continues, as It Does Across Afghanistan.

EMERGENCY runs two major hospitals in Afghanistan’s Panjshir Valley: the Anabah Maternity Centre, and the Surgical & Paediatric Centre – providing free, high-quality healthcare to people living in the province and beyond.

Terrible Violence Hits Kabul

Terrible violence hit Kabul today. Explosions in the vicinity of the airport, packed with people trying to leave the country, have left dozens of people dead and wounded.⠀ ⠀ The EMERGENCY Kabul Surgical Centre received a massive influx of patients almost immediately. We can confirm over 60 patients arrived so far, with more than a…

Gino Strada. 1948-2021: The New York Times Obituary

Gino Strada. 1948-2021. War surgeon, founder of EMERGENCY, and our driving force. His obituary in The New York Times today.

BBC Last Word Celebrates Gino Strada

“He was absolutely dedicated to helping humanity. His whole life was dedicated to that one cause….He was somebody that believed in the end of war. He believed that, as a surgeon, he had to find the root cause of the problem for his patients, and the root cause of that problem was war – and…

EMERGENCY’s Healthcare Network Is Open and Treating Whoever Is in Need.

“Yesterday, we received five patients with gunshot wounds from the airport.”

Charlotte Bellis Reports from EMERGENCY’s Kabul Surgical Centre for Al Jazeera English.

“For two days, the hospital was overflowing, they added extra beds.”

EMERGENCY: Situation Is Stabilising in Kabul But Clashes Continue At The Airport

Number of War-Wounded Patients Received Increases in Panjshir

EMERGENCY: 115 Patients Hospitalised At Our Kabul Surgical Centre


“Our Beloved Gino”.

He was 73 years old and spent his life making the world a better place.

We Love You Gino.

Our beloved Gino died this morning.

Afghanistan: EMERGENCY’s Healthcare Facilities in Lashkar-Gah And Maidan Shahr Hit By Rockets And Bullets

Two of EMERGENCY’s healthcare facilities in Afghanistan have been hit by crossfire in the last 24 hours. 

Lashkar- Gah: “We Are Here to Help.”

Fighting has been ongoing for days now in Lashkar-Gah, southern Afghanistan. It is also near our hospital.

Lashkar-Gah, Afghanistan. EMERGENCY: “Hospitals Are Not A Target”.

“We are receiving wounded patients. We ask all parties to respect this facility and ensure it is not put in danger. HOSPITALS ARE NOT A TARGET!”

Your Work Is Immense, As Is Your Courage.

Nurses, doctors, logisticians, technicians, guards, cleaners… our local colleagues in Lashkar-Gah, Afghanistan.

ISHKAR for EMERGENCY: Second Print Sale to Support Our Hospitals in Afghanistan

The prints are available at special, one-off prices for six weeks only.

Fighting Continued in the Centre of Lashkar-Gah Last Night.

There was heavy shelling, they used machine guns, and shots were fired from helicopters – it was loud.

Afghanistan: Fighting Rages in Helmand Province. Patients Are Arriving in Need of Major Surgery.

The Taliban are now advancing towards Lashkar-Gah – the capital of Helmand province. Fighting is now worsening inside the city centre.

Afghanistan: Fighting Reaches the City Of Lashkar-Gah.

We heard bombing from the hospital throughout the night and the morning, plus small arms fire, machine guns, snipers and artillery.

Vaccine Monopolies Make Cost Of Vaccinating The World Against Covid At Least 5 Times More Expensive Than It Could Be

New analysis by the Alliance shows that the firms Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna are charging governments as much as $41 billion above the estimated cost of production.

It Is Time For a Ceasefire – More Violence Can Never Be the Solution.

UNAMA’s latest report confirms that the situation in war-torn Afghanistan is dire.

Afghanistan: The Situation Is Steadily Worsening

Nassir, a survivor of the conflict in Afghanistan, tells us his story.

Afghanistan: Rockets Land Close To The Presidential Palace In Kabul

“We heard the impact from our Surgical Centre for War Victims very well, as we are only a few hundred metres away,” said Marco Puntin.

Today, He Cannot Imagine Any Future.

Jalad Khan suffered serious injuries to his lower limbs and stomach.

Since the Start of the Project, We Have Supported Over 5,000 Households in Italy.

In Milan, Rome, Naples, Piacenza, Catanzaro, Varese and Catania we continue to pack and distribute parcels, working with local organisations to help those in need every week.

The Violence Continues to Worsen in Afghanistan.

There was a 29% increase in civilian casualties from the violence in the first four months of this year compared to last.

World Health Summit Africa Regional Meeting 2021

We invite you to attend.

A Third Wave of COVID-19 Has Overwhelmed Afghanistan

According to sources, positives cases increased by 2,400 percent in June alone.

This Time It’s to Uganda.

Dr Stefano may be pictured leaning up against these words, but they mean so much more than just paint on a wall.

“Thank Goodness You Are Here.’

Rasha stands by the lectern, listening to Michela talk and point her laser at the big screen.

World Blood Donor Day 2021

Today, we thank all those who give blood, and also call for future blood donors.

G7 Support for Pharma Monopolies Is Putting Millions of Lives at Risk

The self-interest of G7 countries is the biggest obstacle to ending the Covid-19 pandemic, a group of campaigning organizations said today.

“Why Global Surgery? Why Now?”

To work globally, surgery needs a global approach.

“EMERGENCY Is Open for People Here and Always Will Be, Inshallah”.

In Afghanistan, Alberto helps promoting a culture of peace in the way we know best

More than a Million COVID Deaths in 4 Months Since G7 Leaders Failed to Break Vaccine Monopolies

At current vaccination rate low income countries would be waiting 57 years for everyone to be fully vaccinated

This Is Our Daily Reminder that the Conflict Rages on.

Our hospitals are constantly busy.

Yemen: Training Healthcare Workers in Pre-Hospital Trauma Care

The room is clean, quiet and well lit. Before us are doctors, nurses and ambulance drivers, but none of them are wearing their white coats. They’re in their own clothes – jackets and shirts, some of them even fancy ones. ‘What time is it?’ ‘Nine.’ ‘OK. Let’s get started.’ We’re inside Al-Thawra Hospital in Sana’a,…

“Peace Can Be Achieved If Our People Can Both Aspire for It and Are Given the Means To Achieve It.”

This is Said Hakim, Team Leader at EMERGENCY’s Kabul Surgical Centre.

COVID Vaccines Create 9 New Billionaires With Combined Wealth Greater than Cost of Vaccinating World’s Poorest Countries

Key members of the G20, who meet tomorrow, including the UK and Germany, are blocking moves to boost supply by ending companies’ monopoly control of vaccine production

Rossella Miccio, President of EMERGENCY, for the GOLA Podcast

In the episode, our president Rossella Miccio explains the lifeline delivery service that we developed, and the long-term medical and psychological intervention we provide to vulnerable people in our healthcare facilities and mobile clinics around Italy.


Behind this logo are the over 11 million people we have treated, and all those we will treat.

How Can Strengthened Healthcare for Migrants Foster Health for All?

27 May, 10:00 – 12:00 CET

I Really Wish I Could See This Hospital Empty One Day

International Nurses Day is an opportunity to celebrate Zabihullah and all his nurse colleagues in Afghanistan, who give care and hope to the thousands of war victims that enter our wards every year.

Life Cannot Wait

Our surgeons had to perform a caesarean section.

Ready to Do What He Knows Best: Be a Doctor.

“Who am I? That’s a complicated question.
What I know for now, is that I am a doctor.

Afghanistan: Bomb Near School Kills Dozens Of Students

EMERGENCY’S SURGICAL CENTRE FOR WAR VICTIMS HAS RECEIVED 26 INJURED PATIENTS AND ONE PERSON DEAD ON ARRIVAL At least 40 people have been killed and 52 more injured by a bomb explosion near a school in the Dasht-e-Barchi area in Kabul this afternoon, according to local sources. Marco Puntin, EMERGENCY’s Programme Coordinator in Afghanistan, said:…

International Day of the Midwife

Thank you to our midwife colleagues. They stand for women and provide quality care, despite the pandemic, despite the conflict, despite everything that comes their way.

Surge in Admissions at Our Hospital for War Victims in Lashkar-Gah.

EMERGENCY: WIDESPREAD CLASHES IN HELMAND. SURGE IN ADMISSIONS AT OUR HOSPITAL FOR WAR VICTIMS IN LASHKAR-GAH. EMERGENCY can confirm that it is receiving large numbers of war-wounded patients at its Surgical Centre for War Victims in Lashkar-Gah, Helmand Province, as a result of widespread clashes in the area. Since 1 May, the hospital has received…

International Workers Day 2021

Because on International Workers Day…

“For the Excellence of the Care Offered by EMERGENCY”.

This medal was presented to us by the President of Sierra Leone…

“A New Piece of EMERGENCY’s Story Has Begun”.

“Today, that dream is finally a reality,”

“We’ve Finally Opened the Doors to Our Little Patients.”

“Last time I was here, this hospital was still under construction.”

We Are Open in Uganda

The new Children’s Surgical Hospital in Entebbe has begun clinical activities!

EMERGENCY’s Children’s Surgical Hospital, Set To Become a Referral Point for the African Continent, Opens in Uganda

Designed By Renzo Piano Building Workshop And Studio Tamassociati, The Centre Combines Medical And Architectural Excellence On The Banks Of Lake Victoria

Everything is Ready for this New Chapter to Begin.

another milestone in our path to medicine, human rights and equality.

Welcome to Entebbe, Uganda

An idea that was born years ago has become a reality…

EMERGENCY on Biden announcement: “As always, it is Afghan civilians that will suffer”

After 20 years of war, President Joe Biden has announced the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan. NATO forces will follow suit and return home. EMERGENCY has been present in Afghanistan since 1999, running a network of hospitals and healthcare clinics that have treated over 7 million patients so far. We have seen the impact…

Former Heads Of State And Nobel Laureates Call On President Biden To Waive Intellectual Property Rules For Covid Vaccines

The letter was sent to the White House as U.S. health authorities advised a pause in the use of the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine.

International Mine Awareness Day 2021

Days in these mine-infested fields begin like any other, whether they will irreversibly alter someone’s life or not.

President of Afghanistan Declares ‘Unwavering Support’ for a People’s Vaccine for COVID-19

The President of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has joined world leaders and experts in an appeal for equitable and fair distribution of COVID-19 vaccines.  

Two-Thirds of Epidemiologists Warn Mutations Could Render Current COVID Vaccines Ineffective in a Year or Less

New survey from People’s Vaccine Alliance shows urgency of vaccinating all countries Epidemiologists, from some of the world’s leading academic institutions, delivered a stark warning today of the risk the world is taking by failing to ensure all countries have sufficient vaccines to protect people from COVID-19. In a survey of 77 epidemiologists from 28…

OPEN ARMS – EMERGENCY: 219 Survivors On Board The Open Arms Vessel.

After conducting a rescue mission on Saturday and spending Sunday assessing the area, the Open Arms vessel, with EMERGENCY personnel on board, has just completed another rescue operation of two other boats in distress in the Maltese SAR zone

“I Hope They Will Become Good People”

Miyam Ahmad is a 49-year-old father of three, left wounded by an explosion that struck his face, abdomen and chest almost 20 years ago


The EMERGENCY UK volunteers group invite you to join them on an epic, 6,707km journey in support of EMERGENCY’s projects in Afghanistan! Join MOVE for EMERGENCY, the new virtual challenge event where you can cycle, run, swim, walk or move any way you like to help Team EMERGENCY get from London to Kabul. Taking part…

Abir and a More Long-Term Form of Therapy.

“Nursing isn’t easy. But I love it”. 

On 11 March 2020, the WHO Declared a Global Pandemic. One Year On, We Have a Vaccine But We Must Have a #PeoplesVaccine for Everyone, Everywhere.  

Heath is a human right. The global COVID-19 vaccination campaign is a chance for the world to prove it. On 11 March 2020, the WHO declared a global pandemic. One year on, we have a vaccine that can bring an end to the damage and suffering caused by COVID-19, but inequality and greed are once again proving to…

Rich Nations Vaccinating One Person Every Second While Majority of the Poorest Nations Are Yet to Give a Single Dose

US, UK and EU blocking proposals at WTO to help poorer countries get vaccines more quickly

Darfur is Where Her Story Begins…Twice.

Nawader’s smile represents a long journey from Darfur to Khartoum and back again.

International Women’s Day 2021

To all women..

EMERGENCY Welcomed the Uganda Heart Institute’s Training Board Committee

These photos come from Khartoum as we welcomed the Uganda Heart Institute’s Training Board Committee to our Salam Centre for Cardiac Surgery in Sudan.

“Our Response to the Current Medical Crisis Cannot Ignore People Trapped in Other Crises”

“S is 31 years old. He arrived in Italy a little over a month ago, having made an exhausting journey on foot from Pakistan to Milan, via the Balkan route. To make the journey even harder, one of his feet was horribly broken and went untreated.

“Together, We Want to Prove That the Spirit of Solidarity Hasn’t Gone Away.”

‘Nobody Left Behind’ is us being there, giving up our time, to help those who are most in need now.”

Open Arms and EMERGENCY Have Just Landed 146 People at Porto Empedocle, After Saving Them at Sea in Two Operations Under Difficult Conditions and Pressure From Libya’s So-Called Coast Guard

Last night the ship Open Arms, with EMERGENCY workers on board, reached Porto Empedocle, the designated harbour for the 146 people it has rescued in the last few days.

EMERGENCY Wins the EESC Civil Solidarity Prize

We are honoured to announce that EMERGENCY has won the EESC Civil Solidarity Prize today, for its “outstanding contribution to fighting COVID-19 and its disastrous consequences.”

EMERGENCY Wins Eesc Civil Solidarity Prize for Its Cross-Border Battle With the Pandemic

The Italian NGO EMERGENCY is among 23 projects from the EU and the UK that have received the award for their outstanding contribution to fighting COVID-19 and its disastrous consequences. The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) has awarded the Civil Solidarity Prize to the humanitarian NGO EMERGENCY for its invaluable role on the front…

Monopolies Causing “Artificial Rationing” in COVID-19 Crisis as 3 Biggest Global Vaccine Giants Sit on Sidelines

The supply of safe and effective vaccines for all is being artificially rationed because of the protection of exclusive rights and monopolies of pharmaceutical corporations, the People’s Vaccine Alliance said today.

“That Little Gesture Moved Me.”

Nessuno Escluso’ – Nobody Left Behind: An EMERGENCY initiative to support some of the most vulnerable people in Italy who have been left in a precarious position due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Why Does the Global North Continue to Push Them Back and Deny Their Rights?

Thousands of migrants are trapped in terrible conditions on the eastern borders of the European Union, on what is known as the Balkan route.

“You Have Always Been By My Side And Made Me Happy”

22-year-old Sharifa is one of the thousands of Afghan mothers struggling to overcome the hurdles that are posed by a healthcare system weakened by decades of war, poor facilities, and social and cultural barriers that are difficult to break.

A Break for Some Jebena in Sudan

We’ll only be a few minutes, just enough time for a sip of hot coffee, or jebena as it’s called here, named after the ceramic cup which it is made and kept hot in.

“I Love My Work Because I Know It’s Essential For The People In This Valley.”

Muzghan was born and brought up in the Panjshir Valley. She works in neonatal intensive care at our Maternity Centre in Anabah.

‘What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?’

Astronaut, cook, teacher, scientist, fireman, vet, musician and superhero are just some of the answers children give when they are asked what they want to be when they grow up. Here at our Salam Centre for Cardiac Surgery in Sudan, we ask our young patients that same question, to make their time recovering or waiting…

Successful Transfer of All 265 Rescued People Onboard the Open Arms Vessel, Despite Adverse Weather Conditions

We are happy that the people rescued during Mission 79 can now receive the treatment and protection to which they are entitled.

Best Wishes for a More Just, Supportive, Human New Year, Which Sees Us Come Together to Build a Healthier World. 

It has been a difficult year, one that has taught us to look at the world in a global way, to see how fragile its borders are, and how fragile borders between us as human beings are too. 

Peaceful Greetings

Let’s start this year by wishing for a more peaceful and fairer world.

Beyond the Beach: The Hell and the Hope. Coming soon in 2021

It is a film about EMERGENCY.

Everyone Has the Right to a Chance.

EMERGENCY shares its wishes for the new year reaffirming its commitment and desire to work towards free, accessible and high-quality healthcare for everyone.

Dr Esra is the Embodiment of Competence and Dedication.

Dr Esra has been the best supporter, both of her patients and of their health recovery. 

“That’s Why you Always See Her with a Smile.”

Raghd is her mother tells us their story, Aja watches us, looking a bit shy. 

We Constantly Aim to Bridge Them.

Together, we work to ensure medicine, human rights and equality, for all. 

“Without Prosthetics, We Wouldn’t Be Who We are Today.”

Although war has marked their bodies, and their past, it hasn’t been able to stop their dreams and hopes for life in the future.

We At EMERGENCY All Head In The Same Direction

We deal with situations where teamwork makes the difference. Everyone’s bit counts. Including yours. 

Read the December Issue of EMERGENCY Magazine

for a closer look at EMERGENCY’s work during these difficult times, told to you by our colleagues around the world.

To Do So, We Rely on People Like Marco.

and over 1,000 Afghan staff members, trained and employed by EMERGENCY to support communities across the country.

Human Rights Day 2020

Through our practice of medicine, we work towards making this dream a reality. 

Cooking Class with Masterchef Professional Danilo Cortellini

Learn to cook an Italian festive dish with Masterchef Professional Danilo Cortellini to support EMERGENCY UK.

But then, has there Ever Been a War that Wasn’t Senseless?

I’m certain the answer is no.

International Day of Volunteers 2020

Together we can.

Dr Khushal: If Emergency Wasn’t Here, Our Patients, Our People, Would Face Big Problems.

In 2020, Afghans were not just hit by a global pandemic, but also continued to endure an endless conflict that wounds and kills so many people.

Nyala Paedatric Centre Reopens After 9 Years

On Sunday, our efforts finally paid off.

BBC Interview with Dr Gino Strada on EMERGENCY’s COVID-19 response in Calabria, Italy

“The message is that EMERGENCY is available to help in this situation.” Dr Gino Strada, founder of EMERGENCY, spoke to BBC World News about our COVID-19 response in Calabria, Italy.

COVID-19 Response: Nobody Left Behind

The medical crisis that has affected Italy in 2020 is beginning to leave another crisis in its wake. A new poverty is becoming a daily reality for many people. Large families, old people living alone, poor young people and workers in the industries hardest hit by the crisis have found themselves struggling to feed themselves and…

Over 100,000 Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan.

War has not stopped for COVID-19 and neither has EMERGENCY.

Rapid Swab Testing Service for the Most Vulnerable People

Since this morning, we are active with a rapid swab testing service for the most vulnerable people in the Polistena area of Calabria, Italy.

Covid-19 | Calabria: EMERGENCY Launches Rapid Antigen Swab Service in Collaboration With Polistena Council

At the request of Polistena municipal council, as of Friday, 27 November, EMERGENCY will be running a rapid swab service for the most vulnerable people in the area and those most at risk from the virus.

Covid-19 | EMERGENCY in Calabria Strada: ‘We’re Starting in Crotone, the First Piece of the Puzzle’

“We’re starting our work in Calabria at Crotone hospital, but we’re ready for other projects too.”

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women 2020

We reiterate the importance of collectively rejecting and denouncing violence against women.

We Will Do Our Part. We Will Do It By Being There.

Six of our incredible team look at the camera, both cheerful and decisive. They have endured difficult months, working in the midst of coronavirus, but are as committed as ever.

Rockets Hits Kabul, Afghanistan. EMERGENCY: Explosions Near Our Hospital

Kabul was hit by heavy attacks this morning with approximately 23 missiles landing in the city.

World Children’s Day 2020

To all children.
Today, we celebrate you.

Whatever Happens, EMERGENCY Is There.

At EMERGENCY, we knew that we couldn’t stop this year. We did everything we could to make sure we continued providing our medical care, even starting new projects so that we could be there for the most vulnerable people during this pandemic.

Why are there people who do not want to open their eyes?

I have never been in a warzone but this felt like one.

Unsustainable Situation in the Mediterranean: Several Reports of Boats in Distress.

At this moment our ship is located off the coast of Lampedusa, waiting to receive information on how and where to guarantee our guests the care they need.

Rescue Completed After Boat Carrying 100 People Sinks. At Least Five Have Died.

The situation must change following this latest tragedy.

The Paris Peace Forum Has Chosen EMERGENCY’s Work This Year.

The Paris Peace Forum is an important opportunity to make this a reality and EMERGENCY is honoured to play its part.

“It Smells of Kerosene”.

We laid everything inside it out on the deck.

University Attack in Kabul and Open War in the Province of Helmand: No Forseeable Peace in Afghanistan

Armed men attacked Kabul University this morning with explosions and gunfire heard coming from the campus.

Afghanistan: 11 Nights Of Fighting In Helmand. Emergency: “We Remain Open And Continue To Receive Wounded Patients”

After 11 days of clashes between Afghan security forces and the Taliban, fighting continues in Helmand province.

Afghanistan: Sixth Night of Fighting in Helmand. Emergency: “Our Hospital Is Struggling to Treat All Patients Due to High Casualty Numbers”

Since Sunday, EMERGENCY’s Surgical Centre for War Victims in Lashkar-Gah has received 132 patients with war injuries.

Our Surgical Centre in Lashkar-Gah is Now Saturated.

Most of the patients we are currently admitting to the hospital suffer complicated injuries, which require complex surgery and a long hospital stay.

Something That Starts Within These Walls but Continues Beyond Them.

In the medical briefing meeting this morning, I saw 15 Sudanese medics and 11 staff from all around the world coming together to discuss and prepare today’s surgeries.

Afghanistan: Despite Peace Talks in Doha, Fighting Rages on in Helmand Province

“Whilst in Doha there is talk of peace, the violence here in Afghanistan doesn’t stop. Civilians are already paying the price for this new wave of fighting in Helmand, ” continues Puntin.

A Little girl on a BIG Journey.

Amal will walk the same path that so many have and continue to.

‘Immigration’ Decree: Changes to the ‘Safety’ Decree Are a Start but We Need a Structural Approach to Immigration

‘In our everyday work for almost two years now, we’ve seen with our own eyes the effects of the ‘Security’ legislative decree on thousands of people’s lives.