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Sulaymaniyah Rehabilitation and Social Reintegration Centre

 Inclusion and empowerment for people with disabilities.

Sulaymaniyah Rehabilitation and Social Reintegration Centre

Opened in 1998, the Rehabilitation and Social Reintegration Centre in Sulaymaniyah provides physiotherapy, the fitting of prostheses for amputees, and vocational training courses. Since its opening, more than 500 people received training and were assisted in the starting up of 300 cooperatives.

Established in response to the high level of landmine injuries in Iraqi Kurdistan, the Centre specialises in physiotherapy and in the production of prostheses, orthoses, and walking aids/orthopaedic devices for disabled and amputee patients.

In order to assist the homecoming of its patients, EMERGENCY eliminates architectural barriers in their homes. This ensures that patients can be independent and move freely within their own living space.

In Iraq, disabled people dependent on economic and medical aid are often a financial burden, which can result in their marginalization within the community. EMERGENCY’s social reintegration program aims to restore its patients’ dignity and to overcome the barriers created by disability by enabling them to regain a livelihood for themselves and their families.

In order to offer these patients the opportunity to lead an independent life, the Centre facilitates the occupational reintegration of former patients through professional and vocational training in carpentry, woodwork, tailoring, and shoe-making. Once the courses are over, EMERGENCY guarantees financial and management support for the establishment of small business cooperatives and handicraft workshops until a complete autonomy is reached.

The EMERGENCY sign is now displayed in over 360 workshops that we helped establish. The Rehabilitation and Social Reintegration Centre is still under the direct responsibility of EMERGENCY, whereas the hospitals and First aid posts have been run by the local authorities since 2005.

Finally, EMERGENCY’s employment policy for local staff gives priority to people with disabilities and members of disadvantaged social groups. That’s why at the Rehabilitation and Social Reintegration Centre in Sulaymaniyah more than half of the national staff is made up of former patients or individuals with physical disabilities.

Programme Data

Location: Sulaymaniyah

Start of clinical activities: February 1998

Activities: Production of Prostheses and Orthoses, Physical Therapy, Vocational training and setting up of small business cooperatives for people with disabilities

Facilities: Physiotherapy, Indoor Swimming Pool, Orthopedic Laboratory, Vocational Training Workshops, Technical and Auxiliary Services.

National staff: 76

Patients admitted: 9,840

Physio treatments: 50,279

Upper limb protheses: 1,085

Lower limb protheses: 8,372

Orthoses: 1,051

Cardiological consultations: 504

Trainees graduated: 572

Cooperatives started: 365

(Data correct as of 31 December, 2017)

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