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EMERGENCY has treated over 6 million patients in Afghanistan since 1999.

Stories from the field

Afghanistan: “You are part of the history of this valley…”

“You are part of the history of this valley in Afghanistan, just as blood is part of the human body,” they told us. In Panjshir, Shahzia recalls the fear she felt before she gave birth to two twins and the…

ZAKHEM | WOUNDS: WHERE HOME COMES HOME. A Photographic Exhibition by Giulio Piscitelli

EMERGENCY is proud to announce that Giulio Piscitelli’s award-winning photographic exhibition Zakhem | Wounds: When War Comes Home is coming to London.

EMERGENCY presents the report ‘A QUIET REVOLUTION’ The EMERGENCY Anabah Maternity Centre and female empowerment.

‘A Quiet Revolution’ is EMERGENCY’s report analysing the impact that a free, specialist Maternity Centre can have on the health and societal role of the women who are part of it: both patients and staff.

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