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EMERGENCY UK is the British affiliate of EMERGENCY, and is a Registered Charity in England and Wales (no. 1148818).

EMERGENCY UK carries out fundraising, awareness, communication and recruitment activities on behalf of EMERGENCY in the UK.

As a limited company and registered charity, our accounts are independently examined. We also report to the Charity Commission, an independent body that regulates charities in the UK.

Projects in the field are operated by EMERGENCY from their offices in Milan, Rome and Venice.

The only projects that funds donated to EMERGENCY UK will be used to support will be those operated by EMERGENCY.

EMERGENCY and EMERGENCY UK share the same values and work together towards common goals.

EMERGENCY UK staff work with EMERGENCY staff on a daily basis, closely collaborating on a wide array of activities.

Board of Trustees

Rossella Miccio, President

Rossella started her career at EMERGENCY in 2000, developing the organisation’s projects in Afghanistan and Sudan within the Field Office Department.

Following this, she went on to work in the External Relations Department before becoming Coordinator of the Field Office, with the mandate of supervising and coordinating all EMERGENCY’s humanitarian projects around the world, and liaising between the organisation, the international community, and governments.

Rossella has led EMERGENCY’s international expansion to seven affiliate countries, and served as a member on the Belgium and UK Executive Boards.

Since 2015, she has been a part of Italy’s National Council for Cooperation and Development, together with 50 representatives from the Italian Development Cooperation System.

Having been a member of EMERGENCY’s Executive Board since 2003, Rossella was elected President of the organisation in July 2017.

Gianluca Cantalupi, Trustee and Treasurer

Being a strong believer in the necessity of equality and human rights, Gianluca found EMERGENCY to be the best way of translating his efforts into an effective outcome. He started volunteering at a young age for the charity in 2002 while in Milan, Italy. As he finished his engineering studies, he moved to the UK in 2006 where he could not find any charity comparable to EMERGENCY and decided to found a London based volunteer group, which then evolved into EMERGENCY UK. Gianluca dedicates his time and skills to the cause on a pro-bono basis, outside of the working hours of his regular occupation, where he covers the role of Head of EMEA Credit Portfolio Management for a large investment bank.

Giorgio Bocchi, Trustee and Secretary

Giorgio joined EMERGENCY UK as a volunteer when the London group was founded in late 2007. The following year he was appointed Trustee of the newly established charity. Since then Giorgio has been serving as Secretary of EMERGENCY UK. Giorgio is also Managing Director of a top tier US investment bank in London. He is married, with a daughter.

Eleonora Bruni, Trustee

Eleonora began working with EMERGENCY in 2010 as a midwife in the Anabah Maternity Centre in Panjshir, Afghanistan, where she went on to become Medical Coordinator.

When not in the field, she collaborates with EMERGENCY as part of the recruitment team and medical division and works in an NHS hospital in London.

She holds an MSc in Global Health and Development from University College London.

Hannah Bryce, Trustee

Hannah Bryce is a Clerk in the House of Commons.  Prior to this she was the assistant head of the International Security Department at Chatham House until January 2018.  As the assistant head Hannah managed the delivery of all the projects within the department.  She also specifically led a project that considered how states can engage with non-state armed groups (NSAGs) for the delivery of humanitarian aid and participated in a number of expert groups on explosive weapons policy.

She was a Co-Editor for the Journal of Cyber Policy until January 2019 and continues to contribute to the Journal in an advisory capacity.  Prior to working at Chatham House Hannah spent several years working overseas in the humanitarian sector, with a particular focus on humanitarian mine action. Hannah managed demining programmes in Sudan, South Sudan and Vietnam.

Her research has included articles and presentations on various aspects of explosive weapons policy, the need for improved gender balance in the military, the role of the UN, the conflict in South Sudan, cybersecurity and AI, and the role and impact of the humanitarian sector.

Hannah holds a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from the London School of Economics and a Master of Studies in International Relations from the University of Cambridge.  Hannah is a Trustee for EMERGENCY UK and a member of the Advisory Committee to Women in International Security (WIIS) UK.

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