On 11 March 2020, the WHO Declared a Global Pandemic. One Year On, We Have a Vaccine But We Must Have a #PeoplesVaccine for Everyone, Everywhere.  

Heath is a human right. The global COVID-19 vaccination campaign is a chance for the world to prove it.

On 11 March 2020, the WHO declared a global pandemic. One year on, we have a vaccine that can bring an end to the damage and suffering caused by COVID-19, but inequality and greed are once again proving to be major obstacles. 

On the one hand, rich countries are vaccinating one person every second, on the other, a large majority of poor nations are yet to administer a single dose.

The virus has revealed the stark disparity in access to healthcare around the world, whilst also exacerbating the social and economic inequalities behind it. EMERGENCY has worked for 26 years to build and support healthcare systems and knows first-hand of the terrible impact that a lack of access to medical care, facilities, and medicines has.

The only way to end this pandemic is for everyone, everywhere to have access to COVID-19 vaccines. We call on Big Pharma to #JoinCTAP and share their vaccine recipes with the world, and on governments to support the #TRIPSwaiver and stop defending pharmaceutical companies at the World Trade Organization.

To produce a COVID-19 vaccine in less than a year is a victory for humanity. But if we don’t vaccinate the entire world, it will be one of our most profound moral failings. 

We must have a #PeoplesVaccine for everyone, everywhere.


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