International Day of Volunteers 2020

“It makes you realise that when you’re in need, someone will always help you” – Nunzia 

The sentiment expressed by Nunzia towards EMERGENCY’s support reveals a feeling of safety, of feeling part of a community. 

Within our ‘Nobody Left Behind’ project, not only do we deliver care packages of food and other essential items, but we hope to deliver the exact feeling Nunzia describes. One that supports those in need, and makes them feel cared for.

We were able to carry out this project in Milan, Rome, Piacenza and Naples, where it serves as a response to the many challenges imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

None of our work is possible without the initiative and enthusiasm of thousands of volunteers that help us every day, both in Italy and around the world. 
On #IVD2020 we celebrate those that invest their own resources and efforts towards others. 

Together we can.
Whatever happens, #EMERGENCYisThere. 

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