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EMERGENCY has provided more than 400,000 free-of-charge consultations to individuals who wouldn’t have otherwise been able to access medical treatment.

Stories from the field

International Women’s Day 2023

On International Women’s Day, we want to share a story about two colleagues from our Anabah Maternity Centre who share a name and a purpose: to help the women of Afghanistan. Najila has been Midwife at the hospital for 5 years. At just 25 years old, she is already one of our shift leaders, acting…

Life Support Search and Rescue Updates

Despite Our Ability to Help, We Were Told Not to Change Course “During every stage of the rescue on 6 March, we kept in contact and informed the relevant authorities – Italian, Maltese, Libyan and Tunisian. At the end of the operations, the Rome headquarters of the Italian Coast Guard assigned us the port of…

105 People Rescued Overnight By Life Support

Late last night, EMERGENCY’s search and rescue ship Life Support received a report of a boat in distress in international waters off Libya.

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