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Activity Report

Every year EMERGENCY publishes an Activity Report on its humanitarian programmes, including a summary of the missions and detailed country-specific programme updates. The activity report also includes interviews with doctors and nurses working in our hospitals around the world.

Financial Statements

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Click here to access the 2021 Financial Statements.


EMERGENCY has released a new project entitled Afghanistan20, which reflects on the conflict in Afghanistan between 2001-2021 from the perspective of its victims and those treating them. Bringing together data from the organisation’s healthcare network across the country, testimonies from staff and patients, as well as contributions by journalists, researchers, and analysts, the project provides a vivid account of this chapter of the war in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan20 sheds light on:  

  • An unrelenting conflict with thousands of civilians killed and injured.  
  • The devastating impact of airstrikes, landmines and IEDs.  
  • The dangers faced by Afghan women and children.  
  • A healthcare system on the verge of collapse.  
  • Over 135,000 surgical operations performed by our staff. 
  • 136 mass casualties managed by our Kabul Hospital from January 2013 to December 2020.  

And much more. 

EMERGENCY’s Structure

EMERGENCY was founded in 1994 in Milan, where it still has its headquarters. EMERGENCY UK, opened in 2007, is the British affiliate of EMERGENCY. EMERGENCY UK supports EMERGENCY through advocacy, fundraising, and recruitment of medical staff.

EMERGENCY UK is a Registered Charity in England and Wales (no. 1148818). It operates in England and Wales under unincorporated association status (no. 1128569).

EMERGENCY also has international affiliates in the USA, Japan, Switzerland, Belgium, and Hong Kong.

Emergency UK

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