A Photographic Exhibition by Giulio Piscitelli.

In 2018, photographer Giulio Piscitelli visited EMERGENCY’s Surgical Centres in Kabul and Lashkar-Gah, Afghanistan.

There he met war victims who continue to face public indifference after 18 years of conflict and vowed to tell their stories: stories where violence punctures daily life without warning, stories that reveal the wounds – zakhem in Dari – left by the conflict.

Shell and shrapnel wounds take centre stage in the exhibition because ultimately, war begins with them, but deeper wounds are also revealed here – like the fear and exasperation that never leave those living in the midst of violence

Piscitelli’s photos show the Afghan people’s enduring strength and transport you into a world that is illuminated, almost unreal – a world outside time and space. The true nature of war is that it is everywhere and never-ending and Piscitelli’s work has made these wounds comprehensible, simple, powerful and eloquent.

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The Old Truman Brewery, Unit 4, Dray Walk, London, E1 6QL

5-10 November

Opening Hours: Tue: 10am-9pm, Wed: 10am- 9pm, Thu: 10am- 5pm, Fri: 10am-9pm, Sat: 10am-9pm, Sun: 10am-5pm

The exhibition is open to the public and free to attend.

Find out more about EMERGENCY here.