Conditions continue to deteriorate. Humanitarian activities face major obstacles. One year of war and neglect: Sudan today Among the obstacles are continuous electricity blackouts and interruptions to the internet and telecommunications networks; exponentially increased fuel prices; shortages of basic goods;…

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M., 14 Years Old, From Nyala

M. lives in Nyala. He goes to school and plays football, like many children his age. About three years ago, his life changed: the first symptoms of a disease that would compromise two of his heart valves appeared.  He visited…

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“I have never been to any hospital like EMERGENCY.”

Four-year-old Amol, left, poses for the camera with his friend, three-year-old Achiek. They met on the ward of the Children’s Surgical Hospital in Entebbe, after travelling from South Sudan with our Regional Programme for Paediatric Surgery. Like Achiek, whose story…

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