Centre for Emergency and Trauma Surgery

Between August and November 2023, the Salam Centre complex housed the Centre for Emergency and Trauma Surgery, where we treated about 580 people – giving priority to women and children, who make up some of the most fragile and vulnerable groups exposed to the conflict.

Among the most common issues were war injuries, but also trauma related to road traffic accidents and urgent surgical cases.

The Centre for Emergency and Trauma Surgery occupied two temporarily disused buildings of the Salam Centre: in the guest house, which we had used to provide accommodation for relatives of patients from abroad, we constructed an emergency room able to accommodate six patients, an eight bed sub-intensive care unit, and two operating theatres, while the cafeteria was converted into a 24-bed ward for inpatients.

Programme Data

Location: Khartoum

Date of clinical activities: August to November 2023

Activities: Emergency surgery, trauma surgery

Facilities: Emergency room, 2 operating theatres, sub-intensive care unit, ward

Patients treated: 580

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