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We are working to fight the global pandemic around the world.

Stories from the field

Covid-19 Death Toll Four Times Higher in Lower-Income Countries than Rich Ones

3 million people died since the Omicron variant emerged, shattering perceptions that the pandemic is over.

World AIDS Day 2021: We Cannot Allow It to Happen Again With COVID-19.

There are striking parallels between COVID-19 and another deadly pandemic: HIV.

G20 Flash Mob Unleashed by Activists from Oxfam, EMERGENCY and Amnesty International, Members of the People’s Vaccine Alliance.

This was an appeal to world leaders to suspend monopolies on Covid vaccines and allow them to be produced in low-income countries, where just 1.8% of the population are currently vaccinated. Italy has made its stance clear and is taking courageous and genuinely effective action to get universal access to vaccines.


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