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Every year we publish an Activity Report, giving up-to-date details of our programmes, a short description of each hospital, and data regarding patients' treatment

Treatment, training, information, protection and inclusion: these were the key concepts that guided us as we defined our daily fight against the pandemic.

The dilemmas and contradictions posed by the pandemic over this last year raised pressing needs and require an urgent response. But they also call for us to thoroughly rework our model of society, to make it more inclusive and egalitarian. After all, if not now, when?

We can and must reorder our shared priorities, beginning with healthcare, where we need to go back to thinking of it as an investment for everyone, rather than just another product, a privilege reserved for a select few.

Our determination not to miss this chance is stronger now than ever, as is our commitment to promoting and putting into practice the universal right to healthcare, and with it the dignity of every single person, relying on your participation and support.

Rossella Miccio, President of EMERGENCY

Read Our Activity Report 2020


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