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UK Advocacy

EMERGENCY is at the forefront of the organisations engaged in the fight against explosive violence. Since 1994, EMERGENCY has provided medical care, rehabilitative support and vocational training to civilian victims of landmines and explosive weapons, which indiscriminately target innocent men, women, and children. In 1994 EMERGENCY also led a campaign against antipersonnel landmines, which led to the Italian government’s prohibition of their construction in Italy.

EMERGENCY UK is equally committed to promoting a culture of peace in the UK and is a proud partner of the APPG on Explosive Weapons, a cross-party group of British parliamentarians working together with civil society organisations to combat the use of landmines and IEDs.

All-Party Parliamentary Group on Explosive Weapons

The APPG’s latest report, which includes evidence provided by EMERGENCY.

In June 2018, EMERGENCY UK was delighted to provide evidence for the APPG’s latest report to Parliament on the impact on explosive violence and victim assistance.

The report was the result of an inquiry undertook by the APPG to look into the reasons for the alarming rise in the number of casualties of explosive violence around the world. It took into account evidence provided by dozens of organisations across the humanitarian sphere, including EMERGENCY, as well as governmental departments and international agencies.

The report presented recommendations to Her Majesty’s Government on victim assistance in the aftermath of the devastating impact of explosive weapons and was received by the Prime Minister and her Cabinet, with copies placed in parliamentary libraries. It can be accessed here.

REVIVE Campaign

EMERGENCY is also a member of REVIVE, a coalition of charities organisations providing help and support to victims of explosive violence and the private sector, created to support the APPG’s on Explosive’s Threats inquiry as an awareness and media campaign.

EMERGENCY President Rossella Miccio at the launch of the REVIVE campaign.

REVIVE, which stands for ‘Reduce Explosive Violence, Increase Victim Empowerment’, targets media and parliamentarians to deliver raised awareness of the impact of being caught up in an explosive incident and the aftermath.

We have operated in conflict zones since 1994 and remain extremely concerned by the threat posed by explosive weapons around the world. From the Battle of Mosul to the current wave of violence in Kabul, our hospitals have faced extraordinary challenges over the past 18 months as we endeavour to provide high-quality medical care for war victims. There are no more ‘safe areas’; places that should be respected and protected are now regular targets of violence. Guaranteeing the medical care that we provide has become increasingly difficult. The REVIVE campaign serves as an important opportunity to raise awareness of the urgent need to reduce explosive violence and increase victim empowerment and support. These principles are at the heart of EMERGENCY and our work.”

Rossella Miccio, President of EMERGENCY, on the launch of the Revive Campaign


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