Surgery Saved Omar’s Life

The operation saved his life.

Seven-year-old Omar lives in Afghanistan, a country still recovering from more than four decades of war.

In April, Omar and two of his family members were rushed to the Kabul Surgical Centre after a landmine exploded, just one of tens of thousands of unexploded ordnance littering the country. One of Omar’s brothers was killed by the explosion.

Omar arrived to the hospital with blast injuries all over his body. He was rushed into the operating theatre, where the surgeons had to amputate his right leg above the knee but saved his life.

His other family members were discharged a few weeks ago, but Omar has needed multiple surgeries on his abdomen and leg, and is continuing to recover.

His parents visit often. Unable to pay for treatment in other hospitals, EMERGENCY’s commitment to always providing free, high-quality care has been a lifeline for their family and so many others across Afghanistan.

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