Achiek Has Finally Received the Care He Needs

Achiek was just 8 months old when he accidentally spilled boiling tea on his hand.

The little boy lives with his mother in Bur, South Sudan, where the healthcare system struggles because of insufficient infrastructure and an acute shortage of healthcare workers. While the wounds on his hand eventually healed, his fingers curled inward and would not straighten.

When Achiek’s mother finally found a facility that could treat him, it was too expensive for her to afford. Caring for him was a big task; she had to face the dilemma of either taking care of her injured son or working to earn a living to support them.

When she and Achiek were visiting a hospital in Juba, they met EMERGENCY healthcare workers running paediatric screening missions as part of our Regional Programme, who referred him and other patients to our Children’s Surgical Hospital in Entebbe, Uganda, for free, high-quality treatment.

Achiek is now nearly 4 years old, and has finally received the care he needs.

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