We Can Make Peace Come True.

Gino Strada, our founder, used to say “to create a world without war, we have to imagine it first”. So we did. We turned his words into reality, thanks to the AI. And by doing so, we wish that together, in 2023, we can make peace come true. For all.

Video credits:

President & Chief Creative Officer: Giuseppe Mastromatteo
Executive Creative Directors: Lavinia Francia, Francesco Basile
Client creative Directors: Nicolò Mondonico, Alberto Crignola
Art Director Team: Andrea Molteni, Marta Are
Copywriters Team: Andrea Cauteruccio, Alessia Tamburino
Head of Strategy: Luca Tapognani
Strategist: Silvia Tasso
Head of Tv Production: Sanam Bartoletti
Senior Producer: Lorenzo Alaimo
Head of Pr: Anna Esposito
Head of Social: Carola Bracci
Senior Social Media Manager: Rodolfo Lombardi

Production house: Hogarth
English Speaker: Christopher Jones
Italian Speaker: Andrea Cecchi

Production House: @artiportfolio
Executive Producer: Gvansa

Music Production Company: Mokamusic
Music: “Le Souffle de l’Univers” composed by Philip Abussi
Music Project Manager: Anita Falcetta

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