We Are Here For Jabar As He Rebuilds His Life.

So many patients have travelled up and down these steps over the years, becoming familiar with their prostheses.  Jabar is one of them.  

In November 2004, he was on his way home from selling his crops in Kirkuk when a car close to him suddenly exploded. That tragic moment caused him to lose both legs. Jabar first came to our Rehabilitation Centre three months after the amputation. Here, we built Jabar proper prostheses, and he continues to return for periodical follow-ups and adjustments.   

Jabar is a father to 8 children, 6 of whom still live with him and his wife. He admitted that it is difficult to continue farming and sustain such a large family. Nonetheless, his perseverance goes hand in hand with our dedication to support him with exercises, physiotherapy, and optimisation of his prostheses.  

As Shady, one of the physios here tells us: “We want to support disabled people in the community so that they can continue living how they want to live.”   

And that’s where EMERGENCY’s care goes beyond just medical treatment. It is about human bonds and opportunities. We’ve been creating them here in Sulaymaniyah for 24 years.

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