“We Are Committed to This Project.”

EMERGENCY’s Mobile Clinic is in Moldova to support communities fleeing the war in Ukraine.

Federica is one of our doctors here: “Many people are coming – especially women over 60 – with chronic diseases and treatments that have stopped because of the war. They’ve had to move away from their homes, where they had a general practitioner who was their point of reference. Now they are having establish the continuity of care all over again.”

©️ Davide Preti

Federica’s daily activities are supported by nurse Caterina. “We have drugs for acute problems, painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs, but also for chronic pathologies that we are seeing in the patients who come to our clinic.”
Caterina splits her role with Alexandra, a 20-year-old Moldovan nurse who has just enrolled.

©️ Davide Preti

In these tragic circumstances, EMERGENCY is providing psychological support too. “We are committed to this project,” says Andrea, our coordinator on the ground, “EMERGENCY is supporting the social and medical needs of the victims of this war.”

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