Two Explosions Rocked Kabul This Morning

Two explosions rocked a Hazara district of Kabul this morning, near a school and a training centre.

We received 11 patients at our Surgical Centre: a 45-year-old man dead on arrival and 10 injured boys, aged between 16 and 19. Six are in a serious condition.

“This is the latest in a series of explosions that have taken place in April, during which we continuously received injured people at our hospital in Kabul. On 3 April we received 59 injured people after an explosion at the foreign exchange market; on 6 April we received 11 wounded after an explosion near a mosque. This is yet another demonstration that, although attention to the situation in Afghanistan has waned, the country is not at peace.” Marco Puntin, EMERGENCY’s Country Director in Afghanistan


Photo Archive | © Mathieu Willcocks

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