EMERGENCY’s Politruck in Moldova to Support the Victims of Ukraine’s Conflict

Our Politruck, the largest of EMERGENCY’s Mobile Outpatient Clinics, has left for Moldova.

It will reach the ground to offer healthcare assistance to thousands of people – elderly, women and children- who are fleeing from the war in Ukraine.

In this first phase of EMERGENCY’s intervention, our field team will provide nursing care, basic medicine and psychological assistance. We will treat chronically ill patients, while being prepared to handle any Covid-19 outbreaks. Thanks to the Mobile Outpatient Clinic, we will be able to operate in various places, and to promptly respond to any needs that may arise from this unpredictable situation.

We are committed to being there for Ukraine people.

We are also assessing the possibilities for EMERGENCY’s intervention within Ukraine. Our contribution must be effective. We must ensure our experience working in the midst of conflict is useful to those in need.
EMERGENCY wants to be there for the Ukrainian people.
– Rossella Miccio, president of EMERGENCY

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