A Family’s Story, Which We Have Just Become Part of.

“We are here because we followed the advice of our neighbours. They told us, ‘go to Entebbe, EMERGENCY’s hospital is the best for treating children. There you can solve Elijah’s problem.'” 

Elijah was born with a small mass on his left arm. Birth anomalies are very common, but many people around the world are unable to access or pay for treatment.  

In this video, Alex, Elijah’s father, shares his family’s story, which we have just become part of by providing little Elijah with a free-of-charge and high-quality operation at our Children’s Surgical Hospital in Entebbe, Uganda. 

Alex doesn’t just want the best treatment available for his own child. He wants everyone in Uganda and beyond to have access to the highest quality care. That’s what EMERGENCY strives to provide and advocate for: 

 We contribute to the Ugandan healthcare system by being a point of reference for children’s surgery.
✅ We are training a new generation of Ugandan healthcare workers.
✅ The Children’s Surgical Hospital has tripled the number of beds available for paediatric surgery in the country.

We are happy to say that Elijah’s surgery was a success. Our Ugandan colleague Dr Elizabeth performed the operation and removed the mass on Elijah’s arm. She tells us that he recovered very quickly! 

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