Our Paediatric Centre in Port Sudan Celebrated 10 Years of Activity.

“For this special birthday, I express a single wish: to continue to be there, to be able to treat more and more children.”

A few days ago, our Paediatric Centre in Port Sudan celebrated 10 years of activity.

“Since 2011, we have carried out over 202,000 outpatient visits and admitted over 11,000 patients. 1,400 boys and girls visited every month in 2021 alone,” says our Medical Coordinator Jasna.

“Despite the enormous health challenges imposed by the arrival of the pandemic, we have never stopped our activities, keeping the hospital a safe and secure place for staff and patients by taking all the necessary preventive measures.”

40% of the children we admitted this year, more than 1,200, were suffering from complications caused by severe and acute malnutrition.

This is why health promotion sessions for parents are also so important: supporting them to improve children’s health is one of our main goals.

“On our tenth anniversary, my thanks go to our 138 local colleagues who work so hard every day to ensure free, high-quality care. They are the soul of this project.”

The Paediatric Centre in Port Sudan is co-funded by the European Union


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