“The situation in Afghanistan is Uncertain and Precarious.”

“The situation in Afghanistan is uncertain and precarious. There seems to be no possibility for peace or respite for the people of this country.”

Marco Puntin, our Country Director in Afghanistan, provides an important update on the developing humanitarian crisis in the country, and what EMERGENCY is doing to ensure continued healthcare support for the Afghan people.

“After an initial calm following the change of regime, attacks are on the increase.

The economic crisis is affecting people that are already on their knees: prices of essential goods are going up. People are in danger of starving to death, not to mention the collapsing healthcare system.”

Despite these extremely challenging circumstances, our hospitals and First Aid Posts across the country remain open, fully functional, and are receiving patients:

“In Kabul, we are keeping admission criteria as they have always been. We admit people wounded due to conflict injuries. Even though the conflict has reduced, there is still violence in Kabul. At our hospital in Anabah, Panjshir, we are still receiving patients injured by landmines, explosions and bullets. In Lashkar-Gah, the situation has changed considerably. Until August, the hospital received the highest number of war-wounded patients. Now, we are able to admit civilians under the age of 14 with trauma injuries.”

EMERGENCY’s work in Afghanistan continues. Our healthcare support remains fundamental.

EMERGENCY’s activities in Afghanistan are funded by EU Civil Protection & Humanitarian Aid – ECHO. 

ECHO’s support for EMERGENCY’s projects in Afghanistan has been stepped up to allow us to continue offering life-saving healthcare to the local population.
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