#LittleAmal’s Journey is Coming to an End, But Her Story Won’t.

During her epic voyage, Little Amal discovered so many places and encountered thousands of people there to support her. Like so many who have suffered at the hands of war, she also met EMERGENCY. We provided Amal with medical care and welcomed her to Casa Emergency, where she played with other children and learned about the human rights that should be guaranteed to everyone, including her.

#LittleAmal’s journey is coming to an end, but her story won’t.

The thread of solidarity, inclusion and diversity she created throughout Europe must stay intact. Together, we can support refugees around the world to feel welcomed and respected, and make the case to governments and institutions to do much more.

Amal’s journey across Europe brought hope and proved the strength of solidarity against boundaries, frontiers, racism and indifference. A 3.5 metre-tall puppet of a young Syrian girl connected people from different countries, spreading messages of dignity and respect, showing we can act as a community to help refugees find their way.

We want to thank our friends The Walk and Good Chance Theatre for this incredible initiative of humanity, hope and awareness.

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