Something That Starts Within These Walls but Continues Beyond Them.

“Being the president of a medical charity like EMERGENCY is a lot of responsibility and an enormous privilege. One of those privileges is being able to travel and visit our projects around the world, meeting patients, staff, and partner organisations, and seeing first-hand the impact that our work has on people’s lives.

I’m at the Salam Centre in Khartoum, Sudan, where we have been providing free, high-quality heart surgery to patients from over 30 countries since 2007.

In the medical briefing meeting this morning, I saw 15 Sudanese medics and 11 staff from all around the world coming together to discuss and prepare today’s surgeries. What you can see in this photo is the essence of EMERGENCY: a spirit of collaboration and professionalism – working together to provide equal access to healthcare. And this happens every single day. COVID-19 hasn’t stopped us from providing free, quality medical and surgical treatment.

What we do is only made possible by our staff
, some of whom you can see here. Builders, surgeons, doctors, nurses, anaesthesiologists, perfusionists, physiotherapists, logisticians, cleaners, gardeners, cooks, drivers – all united by a single cause, doing their part for something bigger, something that starts within these walls but continues beyond them – building a better world.”

Rossella Miccio, president of EMERGENCY

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