The Important Work That Mona and Hana Do Every Day

Attention to detail, organisation, an impeccable memory, a scientific eye, meticulousness: these are all qualities embodied by Mona and Hana, our pharmacists at the Salam Centre for Cardiac Surgery. The pharmacy here is a microcosm of the hospital’s work, with immense responsibility and very complex tasks.

Mona and Hana are extremely close friends as well as colleagues, and they create a family atmosphere in the department. They started on the same day four years ago and have worked together ever since, facing all kinds of challenges.

“We work here because it’s all about heart. We treat hearts, and we don’t look elsewhere because what is done within these walls is heartfelt”.

Treating cardiac illnesses isn’t just about surgery – it relies on access to a range of medicines that help with both prevention and cure. Unfortunately, access to this kind of medicine is not equally available around the world. In the midst of the search for a COVID-19 vaccine, the important work that Mona and Hana do every day reminds us of the need to fight for equal access to drugs and medicine for everyone, everywhere.

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