‘BEYOND THE BEACH – THE HELL AND THE HOPE’, a Documentary Focused on EMERGENCY’s Work Around The World at The 76th Venice International Film Festival

‘Beyond the Beach – The Hell and the Hope’, a documentary focused on EMERGENCY’s work around the world, will have its world premiere at the 76th Venice International Film Festival in the Sconfini section. The film is the directorial debut of British producer Graeme A Scott and the American cinematographer Buddy Squires.

The media screening will be held at Sala Giardino on 3 September at 11.15am, with two subsequent press events at CLUB ’76 with filmmakers Graeme A. Scott and Buddy Squires, and protagonists Gino Strada and Giulia Pedroni: on 3 September from 1pm to 2pm and on 4 September from 10am to 12pm.

Public screenings will be held on 3 September at 4.30pm at the Sala Giardino and on 4 September at 8pm at the Sala Pasinetti.

‘Beyond the Beach – The Hell and the Hope’ explores the brutality of war through the voices of EMERGENCY’s staff: doctors, nurses, surgeons and logisticians who work to ensure free, high-quality healthcare for the victims of war and poverty.

The filmmakers weave two stories which at first glance appear distant, but are in fact closely linked.

On the one hand, they focus on the phenomenon of migration across the Mediterranean Sea, highlighting the cycle of war: from those wounded in Kabul, to the refugee camps in Iraq, to the rescue boats off the Libyan coast.

On the other, they testify to the daily commitment of doctors and nurses who have decided to play their part against a backdrop of indifference. In the film, we see their tears and their smiles, but also their frustration; we discover the difficulties and the emotional stress they must face in order to fulfil their missions without ever losing the will to make a difference.


Production notes
Duration: 82 minutes
A film by Graeme A Scott and Buddy Squires
Cinematography by Buddy Squires
Editing by Sarah Kerley-Burton
Produced by Graeme A Scott, Kathy A. LoPrimo and Rex Glensy

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