Roberto Saviano with EMERGENCY USA, in New York

“In moments of crisis, resources are drained and action is hindered, not just by war and the spread of epidemics, but by the absence of media attention.” And again: “It’s not just about recounting, or denouncing – it’s about testifying.”

This is something that writing and humanitarian work have in common: the notion of making yourself useful, of working towards something greater than yourself and “having an impact on the people around you.”

The evening of Monday, June 3rd, was one to remember, an evening in which Emergency USA had the pleasure of hosting its event in New York with special guest Roberto Saviano, an Italian writer known for his consistent condemnation of the Mafia and, more recently, for his commitment to educating people about the lives and struggles of migrants.

What Mr. Saviano offered us was a counter-narrative, a condemnation of indifference, a closer look at the humanitarian world – our world – where in the past, “the boats that saved human beings from drowning in the ocean were met with applause and support.”

We would like to thank Mr. Saviano for breaking the silence and showing the vital role that humanitarian staff have, same as writers and photographers, in speaking out for a better world.

PhotoCredits: Sara Greco

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