Central African Republic: It Fills Us With Pride

Today we want to tell you the story of Saran and Yeshi, two patients in our Paediatric Centre in Bangui, in the Central African Republic.

Saran is 13 years old and has diabetes. Yeshi, on the other hand, is 10 and suffers from sickle-cell anaemia, a very common chronic illness among the patients we treat at the Centre.

We provide monthly checkups for both girls to make sure they are following the treatment plans we prescribed them.

The girls visit our Centre regularly now, but we first met them at the Complexe Pédiatrique in Bangui, the only public paediatric hospital in the country at the time, where we worked for five years until June 2018.

When we first met the girls, Saran was suffering from diabetic ketoacidosis, a complication that can be fatal for diabetic patients like her, while Yeshi arrived unconscious and suffering from acute anaemia and malaria. Thanks to treatment provided by our staff, both girls are in a stable condition at the Paediatric Centre.

Knowing that young patients like Saran and Yeshi are getting better fills us with pride, and drives us to keep working to ensure the right to healthcare in the Central African Republic.

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