Sudan: The Salam Centre’s Amazing Team

Achieving surgical excellence doesn’t just mean operating on patients at the highest medical standards, but also taking care of them afterwards with medication and periodical check-ups – often for the rest of a patient’s life. This is exactly what Virginie and her angels (that’s what she calls them!) do at EMERGENCY’s Salam Centre: they take care of the 200 or so patients that come to the hospital for follow-up therapies and monitoring of their INR (a measure of the clotting tendency of blood) every single day – fundamental for patients with mechanical cardiac prostheses.

Virginie is one of the many incredible women that work at the Salam Centre and that, in different capacities, have contributed to its success. In the pictures, you can see Shima, a scrub nurse since 2008; Enaam, who’s been working in the administrative office of the hospital since it opened in 2007; Manahel, team leader in the intensive care ward; Marwa, head nurse; Isra, in charge of information technology; and the Salam Centre’s amazing team of biomedical engineers.

– Elena, in Khartoum

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