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They Are Both 13 and Come from the Same City – Mosul

They are both 13 and come from the same city, Mosul, but until a few days ago they didn’t know each other. Unfortunately, Ghofran and Akram have another thing in common: they both lost a leg to a bomb while they were playing in their homes.

Today, Ghofran and Akram play together, in the garden of our Rehabilitation Centre in Sulaymaniyah. We were able to admit them to the centre thanks to the new project in collaboration with the Rehabilitation Centre in Mosul, which was partially destroyed by the bombings.

They received artificial limbs, which we built for them, and they always do the physiotherapy they need. We will be with them for as long as is needed, even in the years to come: we will follow their growth, and adapt and change their prosthesis as time goes by. This will be completely free for them and for their families – in this way, we can make their future a bit brighter.

– Antonio, EMERGENCY staff member, Iraq

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