LIBYA: From Patient To Staff Member

LIBIA-RAMADAN-MOUSADuring his long stay in our hospital for War Victims in Libya, Ramadan – who speaks English – became a go-between for us and our patients.

As soon as his condition improved, he was helping the children to eat, helping the other patients to get out of bed, and always had a kind word and gesture for everyone.

So we asked him to become our colleague. Every afternoon, during the hours of training held by the international staff, he’s now an interested and attentive member of the group.

When we asked him if we could tell you his story, he answered “Of course, but I’ll write it”. You can read his story below. He called it “Story of my life”. And we thought it was a truly great story to share.

“My name is Ramadan Mousa Kaber Kony. I was born in the city of Alkofra in 1993, in a shanty town built by Gaddafi. During the fighting in my village, I was wounded by a bullet that entered via my left shoulder and passed close to my heart before emerging from my back.

There are no good medical services in my area, so during a moment of cease-fire I managed, along with other injured people, to reach the hospital in Gernada that’s run by EMERGENCY. Here we all got the right treatment and we stayed in hospital until we were well enough to be discharged.

When I was ready to leave the hospital, Marina (EMERGENCY’s Medical coordinator here in Libya) asked me whether I’d be interested in working with them, here at the hospital. I said “yes” because I feel I belong to this place, where I was once a patient and now I’m a member of the staff. I’m happy for myself, although I’m very sorry for my family and all the people in my village who have to go on living in a hard, dangerous situation.

Finally, I’d like to thank all the EMERGENCY staff: I hope I can be of good use in this hospital.

Thank you so much”

– Ramadan Mousa

To find out more about EMERGENCY’s work in Libya, click here.

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