“Amid such desperate scenes of people fleeing dire circumstances, there has been a glimmer of hope lately. Ordinary people from all walks of life are giving up their time and money to set up and run initiatives all over the country: from organising the delivery of food, blankets, and tents to Calais, to petitioning for safe and legal routes to Europe and effective protection for refugees. Everyone at EMERGENCY UK has been deeply moved by the support shown by the British civil society to refugees, and we welcome these grassroots initiatives.

We believe that governments cannot continue to turn a blind eye to the hypocrisies of going to war or selling weapons to those fighting wars — with a substantial economic return — and then refuse to protect the people who are fleeing the very conflicts that they fuel. Wars do not end once they’re declared over: their legacies last for decades and those who suffer the most are ordinary people just like you, me, and all of us. We believe that governments cannot continue to reject people fleeing extreme poverty, deeming their lives unworthy of improvement, of a future.

During the past 21 years EMERGENCY has fought for equality and solidarity all over the world. The civil society movement rising in the UK and in other European countries is a strong signal of hope and change for us: if we stay united, if we support each other, and if we care about each human life equally, we will achieve change.

This is why we cannot remain silent.” ‪#‎refugeeswelcome‬

Diletta Salviati, Programme Manager at EMERGENCY UK

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