There was an attack this morning on the Kabul Bank of Lashkar-gah, in the district of Helmand: a suicide bomber blew himself up while another three fought the Afghan security forces.

The salaries of the local police are paid out of this bank, which has already been the target of numerous attacks in the past.

Twenty casualties were taken to EMERGENCY’s Surgical Centre for War Victims in the city: six were declared dead on arrival.

Just as the fighting seemed to be drawing to a close, a car bomb exploded in the midst of the rescuers.

This explosion broke all the windows of the EMERGENCY hospital and caused damage to the structure too, but luckily none of the patients or staff were hurt.

EMERGENCY has been in Lashkar-gah since 2004 with a Surgical Centre for War Victims. The number of casualties has reached a tragic record high: today, EMERGENCY is treating 50% more patients in the Centre for War Victims than the same period in 2013.

Owing to the dramatic worsening of the safety conditions in recent years, five First Aid Posts have been set up in the surrounding to provide immediate help for the wounded and quick, safe transport to hospital when necessary.

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