ANNOUNCEMENT: Another EMERGENCY Ebola Centre in the planning.

Gino Strada, the Health Minister of Sierra Leone, Dr. Fofana and Luca Rolla – Medical Coordinator of our surgical and paediatric centre in Goderich – are shown here, considering the land, not far from the capital, on which another new Ebola centre will be built.

The Government of Sierra Leone will provide the land, the British government’s Department for International Development (DfID) will help fund the activities and EMERGENCY will manage the centre with its doctors and nurses.

The hospital will have 100 beds, and yet it still won’t be enough: the epidemic in Sierra Leone is spreading at the rate of 50 new cases every day, and is set to increase.

Our doctors and nurses are also working round-the-clock to provide care to the sick in our Ebola centre in Lakka.


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